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Bold, Not Bitter.

Throughout my whole church life I was made to believe that all of the people who left our church and ever questioned its motives were bitter. So very, very bitter. We were told to be better not bitter. What does bitter mean? The church I went to for 17 years definitely left a pungent taste […]

Church Abuse

As you can see from my previous posts there is a lot of rumbling within the church community both locally and globally. Church abuse is all to common a subject now. Every day a new story is released into the media all ranging in their topic and severity, one of the latest being the sexual […]

How To Make Dandelion Honey

Yesterday we decided to go out and collect dandelions to make the infamous dandelion honey we have seen for several years on social media. After finding a few recipes online we found the jist of the recipe and what it required. I’m not going to bore you with pages of info before I share the […]

Dear Narcissistic Church

Dear Narcissistic church I know you know who you are, how couldn’t you?! The lack of ownership is disappointing but not surprising. We are all human, all make mistakes, but owning your mistakes is what sets you apart. Particularly people in self imposed power positions. Sorry is NOT a hard word, yes it’s uncomfortable and […]

When You’re Triggered

Sometimes I feel broken beyond repair. Worthless, useless and a huge disappointment to everyone, myself included. One tiny thing can trigger years of repressed emotions and thoughts, one trigger can consume my every waking thought.