How to Make a Fairy Garden

Over the last 12 months I’ve noticed that Fairy Gardens have become increasingly popular, from tiny fairy doors on trees, to extravagant forests dedicated to our fairy friends.

We’ve visited several places that have had some sort of fairy garden, and it’s always proved a magical experience for my boys.

With all of this in mind I decided to make our own Fairy Garden with them.

Here’s how we made our own Fairy Garden.

We used a large black flower pot for the base, and filled it with heavy stones, and the soil. We visited several cheap, local shops and chose items we thought would look ‘fairy’. We brought wooden border roll, a stone mushroom, a stone mini-log burner, a wooden bird house (which we didn’t end up using), artificial flowers, large stones, small flat pebbles, glitter, scattering gems, a solar light, mini windmills, blue gravel, stone gravel, decorative pegs, a mini gnome, and a tiny wooden flower.

Fairy Garden Kit Fairy Garden Kit

We filled the black flower pot with heavy stones to about halfway and then filled the rest with soil. I used the wooden border roll to create a sloped pathway by filling it in with soil on a gradient. We added artificial flowers at the back and used some blue grass samples to create a ‘magical gem filled pond’. We used blue gravel, blue plastic ice cubes, and scatter gems for our pond. We used some wooden sticks to create a dam at one end of the pond, as requested by my four year old! We also used a green grass sample to place at the bottom of the pathway. I used permanent markers to draw doors and windows onto our mini burner and our mushroom, and added spots for a toadstool effect. We put these at the top of our sloped pathway. We also purchased a fantastic plant marker that we wrote ‘Fairy Garden’ on.

How to make a Fairy Garden Fairy Garden Ornaments

We used our smaller flat pebbles to mark the pathway to the fairy houses, and we placed our solar light in the centre of the houses. We decorated the area with flower pegs, windmills, and a mini wooden flower. We added a gnome and a pot of scattering gems too which my four year old called ‘the fairy treasure’. We filled in the blank pieces of soil with gravel, and then we sprinkled fairy dust over it all (glitter).

Fairy Garden Ornament Ideas DIY Fairy Garden

Here is our finished Fairy Garden below. My boys absolutely love it, and they keep checking for fairy friends! It was a great addition to our garden, and was a lot of fun making it. You can use anything to make your Fairy Garden, thats the great thing about DIY projects! The only limit is your imagination.

Fairy Garden Ideas
Have a go at your own Fairy Garden and share your pictures with me on Facebook or Twitter, I’d love to see them!

Finished Fairy Garden


Happy Fairy Garden making!

This post was due to go live on 21st March 2015, but I postponed it after a family emergency. My nan sadly passed away the next day. I’ve decided to dedicate this project to her, and keep this Fairy Garden in her memory. RIP Nanny B xx

Raincoats and Wellies from Wellies & Worms – Review

My two boys love the outdoors. Weather never puts them off. They love splashing in water parks on hot, sunny days, and they love puddle jumping on rainy days. My two year old has a puddle addiction, it’s like he is magnetised to them!

During the winter my boys wear all-in-one waterproofs and snow boots or wellies, and then as spring arrives they wear raincoats and wellies.

I love raincoats. I think they’re so adorable and trendy for kids. My boys love having new raincoats so when Wellies and Worms offered them new Hatley raincoats and wellies to match they were thrilled, and so was I. Wellies and Worms have such a great selection of raincoats and wellies to choose from!

Hatley Raincoats and Wellies

My two year old ‘needed’ the green dinosaur raincoat and wellies, and my four year old wanted the Skull and Crossbones raincoat and wellies.

Hatley raincoats from Wellies and Worms

We ordered age appropriate raincoats and they fit lovely when they arrived. There was room to spare so it was no problem wearing a snood with them on cooler days. They were made of such fab material too and felt lovely quality. The wellies also fit great. Over the years we have tested out so many brands of wellies, and can honestly say nothing has ever fit as good as the Hatley wellies. They were so sturdy!

The raincoats and wellies were fab for a whole range of activities, they were durable, comfortable, and versatile. My boys went for walks in them, they hunted bugs, they went on a fairy hunt, they used a big adventure playground, they visited a farm, and most importantly they used their raincoats and wellies to test out some very big muddy puddles!

Hatley boys skulls raincoat and wellies

The raincoats were very warm and definitely waterproof. They didn’t let through any wind either. They had a built in hood and had popper fastenings. This made it very easy for my 4yo to fasten his own coat. The raincoats are made from a polyurethane outer coating which is machine washable, it also wipes clean extremely well. This is always a plus with my messy 2yo!

Hatley infant dinos raincoat and wellies

The wellies were just as great. They were easy to get onto my children’s feet and looked easy for them to walk in. They had two pull-up handles on which were a big help. They were sturdy yet not restrictive in any way, even when climbing rope bridges! They also had a cotton lining which helped keep little toes warm.

My boys had so much fun wearing their raincoats and wellies. We’d definitely recommend them. Not only do the raincoats and wellies look fabulous, they also do their job!

Try out Hatley raincoats and wellies for yourself

Fancy trying them out? Head over to their website and enter our special code SWORDS10 between 18th & 22nd March 2015 to receive 10% off your order! Postage is free for UK orders over £25, otherwise it costs just £2. International shipping is also available on their site!

Thanks again Wellies and Worms! We loved our Hatley raincoats and wellies!

Dinosaur Activity – DIY Fossils

My two boys love playing with dinosaurs, and they love making dinosaur lands with volcanoes, and hidden dinosaur bones. They have fantastic imaginations, so I thought I’d make their dinosaur adventures even more exciting today by making their very own dinosaur fossils. This dinosaur activity was a huge hit with them!

We made our fossils by using a basic salt dough recipe that we always use; 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of plain flour, and 3 quarters of a cup of cold water mixed in gradually.

dinosaur activity diy fossils

We divided the dough into golf ball size pieces and flattened them out to around 0.5cms in thickness.

My boys then used their plastic dinosaurs to imprint onto the flattened pieces of salt dough. They used the dinosaur tails, feet, bodies, and heads. They also used plastic forks to give the fossils a bone texture too.

dinosaur activity diy fossils dinosaur activity diy fossils

We popped the salt dough into the microwave for 4 minutes, and then checked them, they were still a little bit wet so we popped them back in for 30 second bursts until they hardened. We let them cool and then we dabbed a little white and brown paint on them to give them an authentic look.

dinosaur activity diy fossils dinosaur activity diy fossils

My boys were so excited to bury the fossils and rediscover them in their self-made dinosaur land in my lounge.

dinosaur activity diy fossils

This dinosaur activity is so easy, and very cheap, give it a go!