Hi, welcome to my site!

I’m Becci, in my early 30’s and married to a great guy, cliché I know, but he is worthy of the brag! I have two children aged four and six, two little whirlwinds of wild and crazy but I wouldn’t change them for the world (well, sometimes I would).

I started this site in May 2014 after putting it off for a very long time, it felt like the right time and has kept me (kind of) sane. Over the years I’ve shared a lot of my life with you both good and downright ugly bugly, but all from a place of honesty.

At first, this site was going to be a place to document my journey through motherhood, it felt like a very lonely road, so I thought that by sharing it I’d maybe help some other people feel a little less alone in the world. Motherhood is hard. Beautiful but hard. Beautiful but ugly. Beautiful but traumatic.

My site soon developed into a mixture of everything that I am.

I used it as a foundation to express my struggles with depression and anxiety. I am a very private person, but the freedom I found in being honest about my struggles was amazing, and the response I received was overwhelming, I literally reached millions of you. THIS is the reason I write. THIS is the reason I share my life, to help others, to bring comfort, and to show there is always, always hope. There is no shame in struggling.

I have also used my site to share a little about our additional needs journey with Sensory Processing Disorder and ASD and have been inundated with parents thanking me for making their journey a little more bearable. THIS is the reason I share our journey.

My site is full of seriousness and often tears, but it is also full of FUN, sometimes at my expense, parenting can be hard, children can be monsters, but there is always a funny side (afterwards). My kids hate sleep and get up at the crack of dawn, they fight, they shout, they create unimaginable mess, they come out with corkers of sentences, and they make me laugh (and cry and pull out my hair and rock in a corner) BUT I love sharing our life in the hopes that people relate and realise they are normal, and that Pinterest Perfect Families do NOT exist. We are all about being REAL here.

So, welcome to my world, my highs, my lows, my stories, my gripes, my views, the fun crafts we make, the mess we make, the days out we go on, the products we love, the places we go, and most importantly the real, honest, sometimes hard, lovely jubbly life I lead.

I hope my words will inspire you to give motherhood your all and be wonderful but to also know that it is ok somedays to just be ok.