Here’s what some of our followers think about Swords and Snoodles…

Influential, funny, and spot on!” Charlotte, UK

Inspiring, heartfelt, real. At times when I thought I was going to lose the plot I have read one of your posts and thought it’s ok, I am not alone!” Louise, UK

Swords and Snoodles provides mountains of support and ideas…giving reassurance that we’re doing our best helps me so, so much xx” Emma, West Midlands, UK

Full of inspiration, learning, ideas & creativity all whilst having fun :)” Leoni, West Midlands,” UK

“I’m totally inspired by your posts and love seeing what fun you get up to with the boys. No matter what’s going on within yourself, your boys don’t miss out. And it’s lush to see you also have a perfect Pete ;)” Kelly, UK

“I have been a fan of the page for some time; mum of two boys, one diagnose ASD and awaiting assessment for ADHD; I like the positivity, the realism, the support and ideas.” Lau, Norfolk, UK

“Your honesty about your journey and your parenting experiences is so inspiring and touching. You are creative, artistic, fun and your boys (including Peter) are so lucky to have such a great mummy and wife!! Love following your blog and insta x” Rosie, UK

“Inspiring great ideas. When you’re going through hard times nice to know that there is support and others going through the same thing. I have a daughter with SPD and to read the articles you put up on Swords and Snoodles helps so much.” Tracey, Burntwood, UK

“Honesty in the emotional journey of life!” Lindsey

You show the good, the bad and the fun x” Kirsty, South Wales, UK

“I really enjoy your page as you put my thought into words – you remind me that we have kids with differences and it’s hard going but – they are still our kids and still have a right to everything that anyone else has to do – they are human and have so much to offer apart from hitting the A grade in school, there is so much more to our kids than meets the eye and in the world we live in at first glance or reading a report card – people would miss that – and you remind others to go ‘Hey take a second glance here!”. Your posts are sometimes what keeps me going when I am having a really bad day and everything is literally coming down around my ears – you make me smile, laugh and sometimes you bring tears – because then I know I am not alone – there are other mums out there that are the same as me. You bring fun and light with your page and you are also honest in view of you and that sometimes is as precious as can be as on Facebook, but with you what we see is what we get, that is what I would like to believe” Trish, Derbyshire, UK

“Swords and Snoodles makes me smile. I feel like I’m popping to see a friend nd high five the moments together. Good or bad. x” Queenie, UK