Church Abuse

As you can see from my previous posts there is a lot of rumbling within the church community both locally and globally. Church abuse is all to common a subject now. Every day a new story is released into the media all ranging in their topic and severity, one of the latest being the sexual abuse of a 16yo in Indiana by her own Pastor. He was confronted 27 years later and apologised for his adultery. But it wasn’t adultery. It was assault. She was a minor. She was vulnerable and this scumbag took advantage. The victim of this monster had the courage to speak up right in front of him and her church, some heckled him, some hugged him and some prayed over him. When will these type of people realise things have consequences! Just because you say you believe in God dosen’t give you a free pass to be a cretin and then seek forgiveness afterwards. People like this do not deserve forgiveness. Some things are unforgiveable. This is one of them.

It’s becoming a common theme at the moment to not own your actions and blame it on the devil. If the devil is real then even he must be shaking his head at some of you in utter disbelief. If you are called out for being a shitty person then just apologise and do better. Unfortunately some of this gross, abusive, narcissistic behaviour is deep to the core of people and they thoroughly believe they are doing Gods work. They believe that if anyone questions them or speaks up against them that they are in some kind of spiritual warfare and God will see them victorious. I hate to burst your bubble narcs! The battle is against you because of your vile qualities, it’s the revival you have prayed for, but it isn’t what you expected. It’s your own reckoning. Church abuse is being outed!

Brian Houston can’t apologise either, his wife is deluded and believes the devil is attacking, Nathan Finochio carries on like he wasn’t aware of Carl Lentz. How is the devil attacking you by your actions being exposed? Surely it’s God right? He’s had enough of you giving him a bad name. YOU are the people he tore down in the bible. Do you not read it?

I’m literally sick and tired of seeing these so called churches on social media. Champions Church UK has blocked me after I shared three of their messages from their Youtube channel, that says it all really dosen’t it? You’ll preach this homophobic, transphobic, shaming, dangerous and uneducated crap to a few hundred people a week but if someone dares challenge it then instead of addressing it you shun them away and pretend it’s the enemy attacking. You do NOTHING worthwhile for the enemy to attack you?! You literally live off the money the vulnerable, poorer, naive people in your church give you. You are the reverse of Robin Hood! Your Soup Kitchen (which you have zero to do with except of conveniently lending it your name) isn’t even allowed to store the food in the church you have, let alone give out the food from your premises! That huge building and no area for food for the homeless? How about your unneeded Pastors Lounge? I’m hoping this new restaurant of yours will be a soup kitchen for the community? A place for the homeless? I already know the answer to this though.

Here’s a snippet of the vitriol from the above mentioned church.

I’m glad people are waking up and seeing these places for what they are; Businesses. Even Jesus himself wouldn’t attend your services. There are some lovely churches all over the world who literally just help their communities and support one another. Inclusive places. It’s these mega churches and wanna-be mega churches that are ruining the image people have of God.

When did it become so hard to just apologise though? Is it really that difficult? I’m at a loss with all of the narcissism, delusion, lies, abuse and downright disgusting behaviour of these so called Pastors. They need to be held accountable. It’s starting though, and I for one won’t be keeping quiet. It isn’t the time for silence. Oh, I nearly forgot, no I’m not “bitter” before you pull that card. I got out & I’m rescuing others who are stuck in your lake of lava!

How To Make Dandelion Honey

Yesterday we decided to go out and collect dandelions to make the infamous dandelion honey we have seen for several years on social media. After finding a few recipes online we found the jist of the recipe and what it required. I’m not going to bore you with pages of info before I share the recipe like SO many cooking sites do, but what I will say is – make sure you leave a few dandelions for the bees to enjoy as it’s one of their favourite sources of food.

You’ll need a few cups of dandelions, a saucepan, a sieve, a bag of sugar (we used caster) and a jar. It actually tastes amazing! It surprised us! We could not believe dandelion honey tastes like honey made from bees!

Recipe: Few cupfuls of dandelion petals (let sit for 10 minutes to rid of insects). Add to saucepan with 3 cups boiling water and half a cup of lemon juice. Simmer for 30 minutes. Sieve & discard petals but keep the water. Weigh the water & add same amount of sugar. Simmer for up to 1 hour, stirring often. Pour into a glass jar to cool. The honey will thicken as it cools.

Enjoy your dandelion honey in porridge, with bread or in cakes!

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