Champions “You can’t be Santa, you’re black!”

Places of influence lend themselves to a higher standard of accountability than most, especially when they run as a charity and their mission statement involves looking after the marginalised and the vulnerable. It is important that the accountability of these places is kept in check, but unfortunately some go under the radar with their deceit until people start calling them out. Obviously, this doesn’t go down well with these types of organisations; they thrive on silence, lies and manipulation.

I have shared several stories about Champions Church in Dudley UK after being a member there for over 17 years, which gave hundreds of others the courage to share their personal dealings with the church and the leaders, in particular Mark & Gillian Burchell. I have been surprised, saddened, heartbroken, astounded and appalled by the hundreds of stories I have been sent to read but one has stuck in my mind; I need to share this with you, it’s too important not to.

There has often been scenarios involving subtle racism, if racism can ever be classed as subtle, over the years, even when I was there I witnessed it first hand, but I was too scared to even confront it back then, and for that I sincerely apologise and will never ever let fear stop me again. I’ve had a few people tell of the times when Gillian would call them “Black mommas” from the platform, or the time when someone was in the audience and they won a prize and were told to smile to show their teeth so they could see them. Absolutely vulgar behaviour. Racist, disgusting behaviour. The list goes on!

Then here we are with a incident involving Santa. Champions Church love holding a Christmas event each December, run by volunteers. The whole event is a money making scheme, you even have to pay to get on site sometimes. There is a carol service which you have to pay for, expensive street food vendors, basically a mini Christmas market style event. This is aimed at the local community which is suffering harshly, as the rest of the UK are, from the cost of living crisis as an already poverty stricken area.

Each Christmas there is someone who plays the role of Santa in an expensive grotto. For several years this was my father in law, he was the cutest Santa, then he woke up to the vile behaviour of the church and ran for the hills, I digress. For the Christmas event in 2022 a member of the church was going to be Santa, a loyal and faithful much loved member, he grew his beard for the part and was days away from the event. Pastor Mark called him up, he knew him well, and said that he could no longer be Santa because he was black, the leaders and their children had been talking and it wouldn’t look right because he was black! Santa was cancelled until a white replacement could be found! I was absolutely disgusted. The racism at Champions Church is vulgar. The man left the church, and several others with him.

“You can’t be Santa because you’re black!”

Do Mark & Gillian know that Jesus wasn’t white? But also neither was St Nicholas!

So, if you go there, should you??

NB: I’d like to thank the people that have shared their stories with me, you are brave and I will ensure these stories are heard until the place is held fully accountable, it wont be long now. The abuse, the racism, the homophobia, the transphobia, the spiritual abuse, the emotional abuse, the sexual abuse, the predatory behaviour, the manipulation, the misuse of funds, the bullying, the financial coercion, the discrimination etc WILL stop.

Bold, Not Bitter.

Throughout my whole church life I was made to believe that all of the people who left our church and ever questioned its motives were bitter. So very, very bitter. We were told to be better not bitter. What does bitter mean?

The church I went to for 17 years definitely left a pungent taste in my mouth, they were not sweet, infact they were rotten. Stinking rotten. There were a lot of unjust moments for a lot of people there, and there still are, unfortunately. The years there were painful and very unpleasant, even more so now I look back and actually know my worth and see how poorly they treat people.

This year I have wrote several pieces, comments and Instagram posts about my time in this hideous place disguised by the name “Jesus”. I am now free from them, their narcissistic leadership and their vile manipulation regarding personal finances and the life you lead, but I am now responsible to help others find their freedom. And for this I know my name is trashed. I’m bitter, I’m demonic, I’m of the devil and I’m an attack from the enemy. But, no, I’m the truth. The cold, hard, shiny truth! Abusers need calling out. And I’m here with my metaphorical megaphone because you do not get be life ruiners and frauds (& racists, homophobes, transphobes, ableists etc) without getting called out for what you really are!

Accountability is severely lacking in this church, as with many other places, purposefully. They cannot be questioned, they will give no answers other than to make it a ‘you’ problem. They will use you, abuse you, cast you to one side and then when you leave because you feel broken you are ‘bitter’.

Once upon a time I felt bitter by definition, but I spat their poison out a long time ago. And then stamped on it. There is nothing of them left in my life. I am free. And the happiest I have ever been. I don’t even hate them, I feel nothing other than a longing for them to be held accountable for everything they have done and are continuing to do to people, hundreds of people.

The awareness is out there now though, and I’m so glad. I’m grateful for the hundreds of messages I’m still receiving with people sharing their stories and their feelings, from people who were in leadership positions to relatives. I think the bandage has been torn off and slowly the poison is coming to the surface. This church is everything the Jesus of the bible tore down! And it’s started crumbling, despite the fancy lights, it is crumbling.

It’s been interesting watching who supports them being held accountable and those who have jumped to their defense despite all they have witnessed and furthermore said. Time is a great revealer though.

It amazes me this church has speakers who promote ‘All Lives Matter’ from the stage too, but racism always seeps through when you’re a racist dosen’t it? Like the stench of narcissistic hearts.

I’m so proud of everyone who has had the courage to speak out, reach out, and even leave! You’ll be called bitter, but you are bold. You are amazing. You are no longer a pawn in their power game. You are free. You are a light to all of the other people this place tried to control but couldn’t. Keep speaking up.

Church Abuse

As you can see from my previous posts there is a lot of rumbling within the church community both locally and globally. Church abuse is all to common a subject now. Every day a new story is released into the media all ranging in their topic and severity, one of the latest being the sexual abuse of a 16yo in Indiana by her own Pastor. He was confronted 27 years later and apologised for his adultery. But it wasn’t adultery. It was assault. She was a minor. She was vulnerable and this scumbag took advantage. The victim of this monster had the courage to speak up right in front of him and her church, some heckled him, some hugged him and some prayed over him. When will these type of people realise things have consequences! Just because you say you believe in God dosen’t give you a free pass to be a cretin and then seek forgiveness afterwards. People like this do not deserve forgiveness. Some things are unforgiveable. This is one of them.

It’s becoming a common theme at the moment to not own your actions and blame it on the devil. If the devil is real then even he must be shaking his head at some of you in utter disbelief. If you are called out for being a shitty person then just apologise and do better. Unfortunately some of this gross, abusive, narcissistic behaviour is deep to the core of people and they thoroughly believe they are doing Gods work. They believe that if anyone questions them or speaks up against them that they are in some kind of spiritual warfare and God will see them victorious. I hate to burst your bubble narcs! The battle is against you because of your vile qualities, it’s the revival you have prayed for, but it isn’t what you expected. It’s your own reckoning. Church abuse is being outed!

Brian Houston can’t apologise either, his wife is deluded and believes the devil is attacking, Nathan Finochio carries on like he wasn’t aware of Carl Lentz. How is the devil attacking you by your actions being exposed? Surely it’s God right? He’s had enough of you giving him a bad name. YOU are the people he tore down in the bible. Do you not read it?

I’m literally sick and tired of seeing these so called churches on social media. Champions Church UK has blocked me after I shared three of their messages from their Youtube channel, that says it all really dosen’t it? You’ll preach this homophobic, transphobic, shaming, dangerous and uneducated crap to a few hundred people a week but if someone dares challenge it then instead of addressing it you shun them away and pretend it’s the enemy attacking. You do NOTHING worthwhile for the enemy to attack you?! You literally live off the money the vulnerable, poorer, naive people in your church give you. You are the reverse of Robin Hood! Your Soup Kitchen (which you have zero to do with except of conveniently lending it your name) isn’t even allowed to store the food in the church you have, let alone give out the food from your premises! That huge building and no area for food for the homeless? How about your unneeded Pastors Lounge? I’m hoping this new restaurant of yours will be a soup kitchen for the community? A place for the homeless? I already know the answer to this though.

Here’s a snippet of the vitriol from the above mentioned church.

I’m glad people are waking up and seeing these places for what they are; Businesses. Even Jesus himself wouldn’t attend your services. There are some lovely churches all over the world who literally just help their communities and support one another. Inclusive places. It’s these mega churches and wanna-be mega churches that are ruining the image people have of God.

When did it become so hard to just apologise though? Is it really that difficult? I’m at a loss with all of the narcissism, delusion, lies, abuse and downright disgusting behaviour of these so called Pastors. They need to be held accountable. It’s starting though, and I for one won’t be keeping quiet. It isn’t the time for silence. Oh, I nearly forgot, no I’m not “bitter” before you pull that card. I got out & I’m rescuing others who are stuck in your lake of lava!

How To Make Dandelion Honey

Yesterday we decided to go out and collect dandelions to make the infamous dandelion honey we have seen for several years on social media. After finding a few recipes online we found the jist of the recipe and what it required. I’m not going to bore you with pages of info before I share the recipe like SO many cooking sites do, but what I will say is – make sure you leave a few dandelions for the bees to enjoy as it’s one of their favourite sources of food.

You’ll need a few cups of dandelions, a saucepan, a sieve, a bag of sugar (we used caster) and a jar. It actually tastes amazing! It surprised us! We could not believe dandelion honey tastes like honey made from bees!

Recipe: Few cupfuls of dandelion petals (let sit for 10 minutes to rid of insects). Add to saucepan with 3 cups boiling water and half a cup of lemon juice. Simmer for 30 minutes. Sieve & discard petals but keep the water. Weigh the water & add same amount of sugar. Simmer for up to 1 hour, stirring often. Pour into a glass jar to cool. The honey will thicken as it cools.

Enjoy your dandelion honey in porridge, with bread or in cakes!

We would love to know if you make some dandelion honey, you can find us over on Facebook or Instagram where we share a lot of our every day life home educating. We love discovering new home educating families too, so if you are one of those then come follow us and we will return the follow.

Dear Narcissistic Church

Dear Narcissistic church

I know you know who you are, how couldn’t you?! The lack of ownership is disappointing but not surprising. We are all human, all make mistakes, but owning your mistakes is what sets you apart. Particularly people in self imposed power positions. Sorry is NOT a hard word, yes it’s uncomfortable and can make you feel like your rep is up for discussion, but your rep outside your building has gone. It’s ashes.

I’m guessing you have told people the enemy is attacking you? I mean, this is boring, as well as untrue, even you know that. This devil you think is attacking you…could you divulge your reasoning? You’re being called out on treating people like dirt, manipulating people, being homophobic, racist, ableist, hypocrites, abusers, using tithe money to justify some sort of designer lifestyle, to justify people serving for free whilst you’re paid for every meeting/excursion/event. It’s not the devil, it’s you and your corrupt, deluded leadership. But you know that. People have always tried to call you out but they’re quickly hushed or leave with a “bad attitude”. When infact you’re just nasty, power mad manipulators.

There’s no bitterness just hurt. Unhealed hurt with lots of people because you can never just apologise. I have no unhealed hurt. You mean zero to me but I can’t stand by and watch you ruin more innocent people under the name of God. You’re gross.

If only you could see my inbox. Over seventy messages from people thanking me for speaking out and they know they are now not alone and not worthless. Some I know, some I don’t, some are at your church still and closer than you think, some are in your blood line. There are a lot. But a lot of them are fearful to speak up or can’t be bothered because they know the typical response, which you have proven.

I hope the two online articles have hit hard and made you question are you really that terrible? The answer is yes. But you don’t have to carry on. You can own it and apologise and move on. You may gain some respect. You may not.  But its the right thing to do.

Stop making people who speak out the bad ones. It’s not an attack from the “enemy”, it’s your victims finally outing you! It’s been a long time coming!

Have a little think about it.

And if you aren’t in the leadership here but attend then give your head a wobble will you.

The Narcissistic Church PT2

I recently shared a little insight into my experience at a narcissistic church and it resonated with so many of you. I’ve had so many people message me privately to say they now feel ok knowing it wasn’t just them. The incidents are not isolated cases, which is sad. Nothing has been acknowledged, despite them knowing who they are and being hit with two public “callings out” within days of each other, but that is how narcissism goes, how it thrives. It loves silence, but I am afraid the seal of silence has been well and truly broken now. It is not untouchable, as much they would like to believe it is. Ask Brian Houston.

The world can be an ugly place when individuals are allowed to carry on with little regard for the lives they break along the way. I feel very lucky though they didn’t break me. Since leaving nine years ago my life has gone from strength to strength, I’ve conquered battles I never thought I would, I have a beautiful family, a loving home, amazing friendships and I am never a doormat for other people who are in positions of power that they excuse with the name of Jesus.

I used to be ashamed I put up with their crap for so long, but they are the ones who need to be ashamed. Their cycles of manipulation and people joining and leaving their church are just plain old boring now. The money side is boring, everybody just expects it now.

My head hits my pillow each evening knowing I have zero skeletons in my closet and I sleep peacefully. My life doesn’t depend on a plastic bucket being sent around an auditorium. If I can help somebody then I will, regardless of what they have to offer in return.

My family is my priority and nobody will ever take their place; no rehearsal, no meeting, no coffee guilt-trip date, nothing. My commitment to things is exactly that, mine. My life, my own rules. And that is how life should be lived! Free from the worry of displeasing someone who wouldn’t even offer you an umbrella if it was raining.

If anything has resonated with you then I truly hope you are on the road to a free life. Don’t waste your time feeling scared or bullied. There is life outside of the narcissistic church and it is beautiful! You deserve that.

There is a huge wave coming of people speaking up, not a ripple, a wave. The waters are not calm and although that may scare you or feel bumpy it will be totally worth it for the view on the other side; accountability and not abuse.

The only thing worse than evil is people seeing the evil being done and staying silent. Some things are better left unsaid and my list of those is endless as I am not into ruining peoples lives and sharing things which aren’t my own, but THIS is all worth sharing, this is my own, this needs calling out. People need to be held publicly accountable because behind the scenes accountability hasn’t worked for the last thirty plus years has it?

It’s time to speak up.


The Narcissistic Church – SpeakUp

Over the last six months there has been a lot of social media posts about deconstructing your faith. I didn’t even understand what it really meant until I delved deeper. It has been a game changer to my belief system. I’ll write about that one day soon but today I have something different to write about, maybe a tangent from deconstruction? I’m not sure, but it has been bought to light from deconstruction; religious trauma. Sound dramatic? Good! It is.

In the last few days I’ve read an article, the writer is anonymous to its audience but I know who wrote it and the church it is describing. I went to this church for 17 years. Have a read yourself before you carry on. This article is sad to read, tragic even, but is sadly only one of several hundred all varying in their severity. It sounds like something from one of those Netflix documentaries where you’re gobsmacked at what you see, and that’s not too far from the truth.

When you’re involved in a highly manipulative place you wear rose tinted glasses, even more so when that place is religious. You want to believe everything is coming from a good heart and you place your full trust in people. You’re led to believe that everything that is coming from the stage is fact and should be integrated into your life and thinking, which can be good if it IS good.

I briefly went as a young child too just to add context, so I was aware of the unfavourable characteristics one leader had due to their reputation amongst the community, they basically treated people like dirt unless you had something good to offer and if you dared question that then you were in for a rough church ride. I used to be fearful of them. I think a lot of people were, and still are, but they backed everything up with scripture and crocodile tears.

In my teens I started attending the youth group which I loved, it was somewhere to belong. We used to go along to other churches and listening to preachers, but the one thing that sticks in my mind is one of the older leaders who wasn’t part of the youth for long used to walk us into these places and shout “We’re from the I’ve got a weight problem youth group!” Luckily he didn’t lead the youth for long, two other leaders did and they were wonderful, decent humans. My youth days were ok there, purity culture was just developing and become popular in America, and we knew we shouldn’t have sex before marriage or be alone with the opposite sex, but the pressure wasn’t there until a few years later.

I started attending Sunday services more and more and soon became a partner (We had a little card membership saying we would attend and tithe etc). All seemed well.

During my teens I struggled severely with my mental health and body image. Home life was chaotic with an alcoholic father. I was not in a good place a lot of the time. The leaders were fully aware. I remember a couple of times I was taken aside with a message from a main leader saying please don’t sit in the balcony crying and hugging your friend of the same sex as you may turn lesbian and run off together. I was 14. Apparently it had happened before. I mean at the time I was shocked and felt like I had done something wrong, now I would call out the homophobia and the downright disgusting behaviour. I was desperate to belong so I kept the hurt to myself.

I joined the worship team in my mid to late teens. I carried on into my mid twenties. Singing was my passion. But it was used against me on so many occasions and for so many others too. A main leader ran this, well the aesthetic side because they had zero musical knowledge, but it was all about how it looked anyway so that didn’t matter. I was given solos on a few occasions but I didn’t jump when singing like the others so I couldn’t be prominent on the front. If you didn’t turn up in the right colour on the Sunday you couldn’t sing, if your attitude seemed off to the main leader you had a few weeks break from Sundays but still had to come to rehearsal hoping she would deem you good to be on stage that week. If you missed rehearsal you had to miss a few sundays as your commitment was questioned. I once was told to choose rehearsal over being with my 18 month old baby in hospital with pneumonia, needless to say I quit the team that day.

When I had my baby I had a few months off worship team, I was told when I’m back on track I’m welcome back. Back on track? I felt worthless. The church schedule was made to be put above my family. I knew if I questioned them then I’d be off the team for the foreseeable, it was their power. You were discarded if you didn’t live up to her unrealistic expectations. If the whole team disappointed them there would be a talk, a metaphoric AND a real baseball cap would be put on and they would be the coach doing a team talk, which translated as a slating you into the ground whilst using crocodiles tears and scriptures to justify the overreaction again. On stage all you could think about was if they happy with you or not. We would often get videoed and then watch it at rehearsal to be scrutinized. It was a highly controlled team, full of young, naïve people. You couldn’t show your shoulders or skirts had to be below knee, unless you were family, then the rules didn’t apply.

I remember once being taken for the infamous coffee and was given loving advice of not wearing the trousers I did on sunday ever again because my calves were too big! I said ok. Who even was I? This leader knew I had mental health issues and body image illnesses.

Once I confided in a leader about bulimia, they said they would help me so everyday they rang my landline after school, I was 15, and asked me if I’d thrown up that day. The shame was immense. I was petrified of that phone call, I lied all week as I was scared I’d be thrown of worship team for being off track and not good enough. After that week I wasn’t asked again, so they assumed I was cured.

The teams within the church were based on a front and a back scale. If you were seen on stage etc your every move was scrutinised and controlled, but if you were behind the scenes then they didn’t really bother you much, it’s all about how it looks you see.

I remember being asked to speak on stage about people giving their tithe and offerings, I begged people to give using some analogy I’d heard many times. Guilting people into giving their money is something I regret, but it’s a huge theme there. You’re encouraged to give your last penny, pledge thousands you haven’t got because you’re told God will provide, and people do. People sacrifice their last pound. There are often tears from the stage about how the church mortgage needs helps or tax bills, or deposits for more building work need paying and people are manipulated and guilted into giving their all, yet the leaders live in an 800k house and go on luxurious holidays and wear designer clothes. People give their last pound and the leaders prance around in JimmyChoos. It doesn’t add up. People give 10% of their salary, yet still have to pay to watch the carol concert. Even if you are in the carol concert you still have to have a ticket, this is drummed into you as soon as events are organised.

The area the church is in has a high poverty rate, people barely feed their children, yet this Christmas it was £7 a child to see Santa (who was free to hire) and £2 to even get onto the premises. Money. It is all about money. It is so sad such a big building exists within the community yet is often out of reach for a lot of them.

Promiscuity is also rife, despite the calling out of it to anyone other than relations. I get people make mistakes and need grace, but time and time again? And even when they don’t own it? Even when they look down their nose at people whilst their only achievement in life is benefitting off church money? No. I was often told I spent far too much time with my husband to be, and was told during breaks in rehearsals and on Sundays to never stand with him and find other people. That broke me, he was my security. But I had to listen otherwise I would be off worship team on sundays, that was the hold over me. If you didn’t listen it would be taken out on you in passive aggressive ways, so you would constantly live in either fear or shame or both. You could be discarded at any moment if you upset the main leaders, unless you were related of course.

I was taken off worship team for few months before I got married. I rented a house with my husband to be and he often stayed there because I was too mentally unwell to be alone, but that didn’t matter, we were called liars as we hadn’t told them and called in for a meeting to be told we were being taken off teams we were on. Apparently we were setting a bad example about sex before marriage. I don’t think they understand not everybody is obsessed with sex. Everything was black and white to them, but life wasn’t. It all boiled down to the way things appear, unless you were related. People were caught in cupboards kissing when I was there who were in relationships elsewhere, but that was brushed under the caret because it was too close to home, yet I was made to feel like a dirty piece of crap.

After a few weeks we were conned into apologising and went back to church, but wasn’t allowed back onto worship team, we had to wait for the leader to decide when we were good enough to return. I had zero self esteem and used to pray today I’ll be accepted again.

I watched people from afar sleeping with each other and texting inappropriate messages, and having secret rendezvous but they were too close to home for anything to be done about it until one day somebody got called out, but we had left by then and it was soon washed away, unlike anybody else’s so called sin, and that person once again put themselves on the high and almighty pedal stool they’d just been knocked off.

I remember once the pastor begging from stage for someone to have this young man for christmas lunch as he had nobody and nowhere to go, the guy had been at our church for years and years, he suffered with his mental health. Did the pastor have him for lunch? Did the pastor invite him to his 5 bedroom detached property? Nope he did not. That said it all to me. That is not what Jesus would have done. Yet when new people arrive into the church who have more than average money you are welcomed into their home almost instantly. Coincidence?

The leaders have a room in the church building, a designer room accessorised to the hills. They have a lavish breakfast bestowed upon them each sunday whilst volunteers who are there from 7am get half a muffin on the odd occasion or pay full whack in the overpriced coffee shop. The room isn’t accessible to others, God forbid they mingle with the commoners. It’s also ironic the food bank some of the church volunteers run off their own backs has to try and find storage for the food donated because their isn’t room in the church to store it they are told.

Over the years I’ve seen various people be taken from teams without them even being told, you’re just shunned, uninvited to things you once were. Some question it then leave, others take it on the chin because that’s just how it is there.

After sharing the article from Glamour I have had countless comments on my posts and how people have been treated and I have had countless messages off people, some I don’t even know, saying they thought it was just them and have spent years wondering and feeling worthless but now they don’t. And this is the reason I am writing this today. I spent years controlled and manipulated into thinking this is how churches are run and are a highly controlled environment where you are judged on whether or not you are good enough, but that’s the thing it’s the churches behaviour that isn’t good enough in this case.

Crocodile tears, shunning people, treating people like commodities, begging for money and then spending money like you’re a millionaire, letting promiscuity slide when it’s your relations, covering up revelations instead of owning them, coercing young people into never being alone with their partner, disowning same sex relationships, it all needs speaking up about and stopping. Your accounts need looking into.

People are still treated like dirt there. People are controlled. People are in fear of the pastors and their offspring.

Just take responsibility and own it, people would have a bit of respect for that instead of acting like the devils attacking and people are bitter. People are not bitter, people are hurt because of your behaviour and how you run a church, and it’s not isolated cases, it’s a lot of people over a lot of years and even to this present day. You are narcissists and you need to change.

People talk about revival, well here it is: now is the time people are speaking up and not letting fear control them. It is not ok anymore. You have put enough people off church for the rest of their lives, and one day let’s hope there are consequences because I feel this is only the beginning!


Scleich Horse Stable

We are huge fans of Scleich as you’ve probably gathered over the years. Their quality and attention to detail is next to none! So we were very excited when they kindly sent us their Large Horse Stable to test out! My 7yo loves horses and he was ecstatic!

My 8yo was eager to get building. There were a lot of pieces but the instructions were so good that he only required help for strength purposes. It took about 15 minutes for him to put together.

The horse stable has 7 animals, 2 horse boxes, 2 farmers, saddles, hay bales, buckets, a hoist, a hayloft and loads more accessories. There is also a feeding chute and transport rollers. It’s very authentic! It even comes with labels for the kids to personalise the horse boxes. It retails at £79.99 and is available at Smyths Toys.

The horse stable is a really great addition to our house. We love imaginative play here, my kids thrive on it! My boys set up a little farm scene and sensory tray with theirs!

There are lots of additional playsets and animal figures to collect to grow your very own farm world. The only limit is your imagination!

Tiosebon Footwear

Tiosebon recently sent us some of their footwear and we are SO impressed! They have been so comfortable! These knitted walking shoes are like walking on air!

KONHILL Lightweight Casual Walking Knitted Shoes
About sneakers These walking shoes are perfect for indoor or outdoor any casual leisure assemble. Ultra-light upper vamp with Synthetic design provides maximum breathability and durability. Let these comfortable fashion sneakers be your new favorite casual shoes! They also make the perfect holiday gift.Your feet can breathe easy in the latest iteration of fabric upperHigh elastic MD outsole, slip-resistant, easy to manage any areaFit for various occasions, perfect for casual, walking, running, sportsPerfect accord with human body engineering, green, healthy concept design. Selection of good material, breathable, lightweight, comfortable shoes. Fashion unique durable, safe environmental protection material. 10 
colours to choose from.

These shoes have been such a good wear. They have been on the beach, to the mall, in the town, in the countryside and at home in the garden. I can honestly say I’ve never worn a pair of shoes so comfy yet they look great too!

We would definitely recommend them!

Monster Jam Live 2019

We recently had an exciting invitation to go and watch Monster Jam Live! And my boys couldn’t have been more excited!

Monster Jam is one big monster truck competition full of mud, excitement, stunts and noise! (You’ll definitely need some ear defenders for the younger fans!)

We got to see some of the monster trucks up close and personal at the Pit Party, even in the pouring rain. My boys loved it and were amazed they could get so close.

The weather didn’t ruin anything for us. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! And as you can see we were all waterproofed up.

Once in the stadium we were able to watch the track and ramps be built. The boys were transfixed, as were we! It was such a great experience!

The show began bang on time and was captivating from the get go! You could even download an app to score the monster trucks which was fab! There was never a dull moment, or a quiet one!

We had a great time and would highly recommended Monster Jam Live on their tour!