Dear Narcissistic Church

Dear Narcissistic church

I know you know who you are, how couldn’t you?! The lack of ownership is disappointing but not surprising. We are all human, all make mistakes, but owning your mistakes is what sets you apart. Particularly people in self imposed power positions. Sorry is NOT a hard word, yes it’s uncomfortable and can make you feel like your rep is up for discussion, but your rep outside your building has gone. It’s ashes.

I’m guessing you have told people the enemy is attacking you? I mean, this is boring, as well as untrue, even you know that. This devil you think is attacking you…could you divulge your reasoning? You’re being called out on treating people like dirt, manipulating people, being homophobic, racist, ableist, hypocrites, abusers, using tithe money to justify some sort of designer lifestyle, to justify people serving for free whilst you’re paid for every meeting/excursion/event. It’s not the devil, it’s you and your corrupt, deluded leadership. But you know that. People have always tried to call you out but they’re quickly hushed or leave with a “bad attitude”. When infact you’re just nasty, power mad manipulators.

There’s no bitterness just hurt. Unhealed hurt with lots of people because you can never just apologise. I have no unhealed hurt. You mean zero to me but I can’t stand by and watch you ruin more innocent people under the name of God. You’re gross.

If only you could see my inbox. Over seventy messages from people thanking me for speaking out and they know they are now not alone and not worthless. Some I know, some I don’t, some are at your church still and closer than you think, some are in your blood line. There are a lot. But a lot of them are fearful to speak up or can’t be bothered because they know the typical response, which you have proven.

I hope the two online articles have hit hard and made you question are you really that terrible? The answer is yes. But you don’t have to carry on. You can own it and apologise and move on. You may gain some respect. You may not.  But its the right thing to do.

Stop making people who speak out the bad ones. It’s not an attack from the “enemy”, it’s your victims finally outing you! It’s been a long time coming!

Have a little think about it.

And if you aren’t in the leadership here but attend then give your head a wobble will you.

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  1. M smith
    M smith says:

    I really appreciate you for bring this up .so many people felt so hurt .with what went on in the church you had to watch who you spoke to because lots of them was spy for them .keep you good work up.god knows your so right.


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