Six Geese A-Laying

Welcome to our Christmas activity based on some of the lyrics from the Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Today’s activity is for the sixth day of Christmas; Six Geese A-Laying. We decided on a treasure hunt activity. My boys love treasure hunts, even at Christmas.

‘Six Geese A-Laying’ Treasure Hunt!

I wanted to keep the hunt simple, yet educational and fun. I decided to concentrate on the number six and emphasise it throughout the activity. I chose four items that related to the lyrics of the song for day six, and collected six of each item: 6 feathers, 6 egg shapes, 6 number sixes, and 6 geese.

6 Geese a Laying activity items

I quickly made a treasure hunt tick list for my boys and a fake map. I also provided them with pirate fancy dress, which I knew they’d love; hats, cutlasses, and eye patches. I then hid all of the above items around the downstairs of our home.

6 Geese a Laying treasure hunt

I sat down with my boys and asked them if they’d like to go on a very special treasure hunt. They squealed with excitement. I explained to them the theme and introduced them to a wonderful book on The Twelve Days of Christmas. We counted each gift for each day, and then we read Day Six again. I told them our treasure hunt was for things related to day six.

12 Days of Christmas book

I asked them if they could name each item on their tick chart, and I explained they had to find six of each item and tick or cross a box on their charts. They were so excited, and loved finding the “treasure”. I made them work as a team too; we are trying to teach them the importance of considering each other at the moment.

My boys absolutely loved this activity. I thought it was a great twist on the Christmas Activity ideas we see every year. I’d recommend it to everyone! It cost very little too, yet kept them entertained for a long time, it even included mathematics! Give it a try, you’re kids will love it!