Sea Life Centre Sea Stars Attraction

Recently, we were lucky enough to visit the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for the launch of their new Sea Stars attraction. We had so much fun!

Up close with sea star at Sea Life Birmingham

Before you reach the Sea Stars Attraction you pass an open rock pool with a few star fish in, I even stroked one! Although according to my two year old “Mummy touched the star fish bum bum!” Boys!!!

National sea life birmingham new sea stars

The Sea Stars Attraction is so lovely. They have peep-holes so you can have a real close look, my boys loved this! Some of the star fish were huge!

Red knobbed sea stars at sea life birmingham

My 2yo loved being able to get so close to the star fish, although he did try to recreate the scene from Finding Nemo with Darla and the fish tank – the photo above will give away which scene if you have ever watched it!

Sea Stars attraction at National Sea Life Birmingham

There is also a Giant Sea Star to have a look at. My boys were amazed by its size! There was also an interactive screen where you could adjust the speed of the star fishes movements, this was a big hit with my 4yo.

Sea Stars at National Sea Life Birmingham

The pop-up-bubbles were my favourite part of the Sea Stars attraction. They gave you such a great perspective of the star fish, and made you really feel part of the whole experience.

Aquarium with Sea Stars in Birmingham

Painting and stamping and sea life centre birmingham

We had such a fab day out, the Sea Stars were amazing, and were the highlight of our day, along with the penguins! There is so much to do at the Sea Life Centre; 4D cinema, stingrays, penguins, soft play, photo screens, otters, sharks, ocean walk-throughs, jelly fish, turtles, and even a creative zone which my boys loved!

The Sea Life Centre is an all-year-round, any weather place to visit!