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My Children’s Night-life

Sleep is a touchy subject with parents, especially parents of children aged 7 and below. And if these parents say it isn’t then they’re telling a big fat lie! My children’s night-life in this house is a VERY sore subject some days! My 6yo was an awful sleeper from day one. Health implications and being […]

The Gingerbread Man

This week, Swords and Snoodles has joined with some fellow bloggers to create five fairytale themed sensory blog posts. The five fairy tales were Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the three bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, and The Gingerbread man. I chose to base my sensory blog post around the […]

A little insight into Swords and Snoodles

I’ve wanted to blog for a very long time, even pre-children. I’ve often started a blog, and then lost enthusiasm. That was until May 2014. For some reason it felt the right time. I was passionate from the start. I love writing, always have. Even as a little girl I’d write stories, and poems constantly. […]

A four year old changed my life

Tonight I’ve been silently reminiscing over the last four years. Where have they gone? My baby boy is four tomorrow! Big boy four! I feel like I’ve had him forever. He radically changed my life from the very beginning. Four years has flown by, yet I cannot imagine life without being his momma. D1 & […]

Some days are bad days!

Some days are just plain old bad days, and feel rubbish right from the word ‘go!’ Today my 2yo woke the whole house at 3am and shouted “Time o clock mummy! Time o clock daddy!” Which when translated it means ” Time to get up mummy and Daddy!” He also woke The Hulk, oops, I […]

Water Beads Play and Cereal Play

My boys love getting messy. They love digging, sprinkling, eating, pulling-apart; you name it, they like it! I love doing sensory activities with them. I have two very different children, so I do it for two very different reasons. My 3yo is a Sensitive Child. He has a heightened sense of smell. Textures effect him. […]

Edible Paint Activity

My boys love making a mess, and getting creative. My 2yo is obsessed with painting, but even more obsessed with eating it! The amount he consumes during the painting of an A3 sheet of paper is crazy. This is why I decided to create an edible paint. I basically put food colouring into condensed milk. […]

My kids offend me!

Some of us get offended easily. Some of us don’t. But I guarantee if you are a parent to toddlers you’ll be offended by them, very offended. And not just on one occasion, but on several! Daily! My kids offend me a lot! My children are my world, I’d sacrifice anything for them, and do […]

The things you say as parents of toddlers

Since becoming a momma to two boys I’ve quickly learnt that they are a totally different species to girls. I am constantly asking my husband if their behaviour is normal for boys. Is it normal they slam dunk each other at every opportunity? Is it normal they turn everything into a weapon to either chop […]

Manners do NOT make you cute!

My two year old went through a very odd phase of saying ‘please’ after every sentence. He would say please at the appropriate times but also at very inappropriate times. I’ve put together a list of my favourite questions from him: “I eat the crayon please?” He points to the burning flames on the fire […]