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Dinosaur Activity – DIY Fossils

My two boys love playing with dinosaurs, and they love making dinosaur lands with volcanoes, and hidden dinosaur bones. They have fantastic imaginations, so I thought I’d make their dinosaur adventures even more exciting today by making their very own dinosaur fossils. This dinosaur activity was a huge hit with them! We made our fossils […]

Real Bedtime Stories for Children

My children love reading books; pop-up books, lift up flap books, fairy tales, magazines, picture books, cook books, and encyclopedia type books. My two boys also love bedtime stories, apparently. Books keep them quiet and calm, and also help them to focus their attention, unless they’re bedtime stories, and then they often have the opposite […]

Whitworths Review

My 4yo loves raisins, he would eat the whole bag if I let him, but they have to be good ones! None of these dry, tiny excuses of raisins, but the big juicy raisins. I have only ever found one brand live up to my 4yo’s expectations, and that is Whitworths. Whitworths raisins are delicious, […]

Sensory Stepping Stones

Here’s our homemade sensory stepping stones activity… My 4yo is all about textures, he adores soft textures, but cannot stand rough textures, so an activity based around textures is highly beneficial for him. My 2yo just loves making a mess and standing on things he thinks he shouldn’t, so a sensory stepping stones activity sounded […]

New Year’s Resolutions as a Parent

Twelve months is a very long time in the world of parenting. You cannot possibly count the tantrums, the bogeys, the amount of times you are vomited on, the tears you wipe, the hugs you give, the food you prepare, the chocolate consumed, the vegetables refused, the battles you won, the battles you lost, the […]

Six Geese A-Laying

Welcome to our Christmas activity based on some of the lyrics from the Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Today’s activity is for the sixth day of Christmas; Six Geese A-Laying. We decided on a treasure hunt activity. My boys love treasure hunts, even at Christmas. ‘Six Geese A-Laying’ Treasure Hunt! I wanted to […]

My Children’s Night-life

Sleep is a touchy subject with parents, especially parents of children aged 7 and below. And if these parents say it isn’t then they’re telling a big fat lie! My children’s night-life in this house is a VERY sore subject some days! My 6yo was an awful sleeper from day one. Health implications and being […]

The Gingerbread Man

This week, Swords and Snoodles has joined with some fellow bloggers to create five fairytale themed sensory blog posts. The five fairy tales were Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the three bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, and The Gingerbread man. I chose to base my sensory blog post around the […]

A little insight into Swords and Snoodles

I’ve wanted to blog for a very long time, even pre-children. I’ve often started a blog, and then lost enthusiasm. That was until May 2014. For some reason it felt the right time. I was passionate from the start. I love writing, always have. Even as a little girl I’d write stories, and poems constantly. […]

A four year old changed my life

Tonight I’ve been silently reminiscing over the last four years. Where have they gone? My baby boy is four tomorrow! Big boy four! I feel like I’ve had him forever. He radically changed my life from the very beginning. Four years has flown by, yet I cannot imagine life without being his momma. D1 & […]