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The grass is greener when you add a filter

We all know the saying that the grass is greener where you water it. Today I made up my own; the grass is greener when you add a filter.

My life isn’t perfect, my parenting skills are below par, some days I moan, some days I cry, some days I don’t do any housework, yet social media photo uploads rarely portray real life.

Some days I post photographs of our messy time, this photo captures one happy second when all was going well. It doesn’t capture the glue all over my chair and in D2’s hair, or the tantrum D1 threw when I told him he couldn’t put glue on the cat, or the billion sequins D2 scattered around my kitchen, or the snotty sneeze that D1 did that resulted in new pieces of paper all round! Social media life plus one point, real life minus one point!

Some days I post a photograph of a coffee shop stop-off. This photograph shows two cute little brothers sitting nicely eating a cakepop and sipping a babycino. Those few seconds are magical. Little do you know the minutes after are often a nightmare. The photograph doesn’t show the tantrum D1 had about a pecan slice he wanted yet doesn’t actually like, or D2 drop his lollipop and it land in fluff central,  or the karate chopping at the back of the knees I have to do to get D2 to sit down, or the babycino being spilt and momma having to queue with two kiddies to get a new one, or D1 needing a poopoo after one sip of my latte.

Some days I post a photograph of two boys running around the park having fun. This photograph captures my boys having fun, being free,  it doesn’t show the grazed knees I had to kiss better, or D2 running off at every opportunity, or D1 refusing to walk because his legs hurt so much, or D2 crying because his brother whacked him on the back with half an oak tree, or D2 eating the starting-to-mould bread which was for the ducks.

Some days I post photographs of my two boys snuggled on the sofa for movie time. That moment is perfect. What you don’t see is the full on wrestling match momma had to referee and instead of time out for the four hundreth time that day momma decided it was movie time instead, or the melted piece of chocolate D2 was sat on that ends up all over my new cushions, or D1 headbutting D2 because he’s up in his personal space, or the race to the front door to grab the ever so exciting bills the postman has just delivered.

Some days I post a photograph of a date night with my husband. This moment is magical, relaxing, totally needed. What you don’t see is pre-date stress, or bathing two boys who like to reenact the Noahs Ark situation, or momma trying to make her face resemble a human whilst two tinkers jump up and down on the bed she’s perched on, or D2 getting out every toy they own, or D1 needing a poopoo with his momma present, or running out of nappies and frantically sending your husband to the shops, or getting snot on your clean date outfit. You don’t see the cross words between two flustered parents.

What you see online is not always the full story. No one has a perfect life. The photograph may not tell the whole truth, but it will tell the nicest truth, and that’s all we need to remember.

Even in the midst of chaos try and snap a memorable moment, either physically or just in your mind, life will seem a lot more enjoyable. And remember life is not always greener on the other side; a photograph leaves a thousand words (& tantrums) unspoken.

Next time you feel like your falling short in the memory making be rest assured you’re not, you’re totally normal and life is NOT a Pinterest board!

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  1. Kate (aka MakeshiftMummy)
    Kate (aka MakeshiftMummy) says:

    Well said 🙂 My aunt recently asked me why I take so many pictures – especially in the middle of a conversation – I replied that I was making a memory. I try too hard to create these perfect memories for myself and my son but there are days when I forget to stop and snap because we are having too much fun. and that’s ok. I just have to remind myself of that and try and describe the day in my journal later that night 😉 Every feel we just need to give ourselves a break? xx

  2. Aimee Foster
    Aimee Foster says:

    When scrolling through my FB feed it’s easy to forget that I’m seeing everyone’s best bits. Then I found this great quote, ‘don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel’. Important to remember! Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes, it’s a great read and makes me feel more normal 🙂


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