Manners do not make you cute

Manners do NOT make you cute!

My two year old went through a very odd phase of saying ‘please’ after every sentence. He would say please at the appropriate times but also at very inappropriate times. I’ve put together a list of my favourite questions from him:

“I eat the crayon please?”

He points to the burning flames on the fire “I touch it please?”

He points to a dirty gate “I lick it please?”

He puts a plastic spider in my coffee “I dip it please?”

“I run off please?”

“I bite you please?”

He hands me the post “I rip it up please?”

His brother spends ages building a sandcastle “I jump on it please?”

We see doggy mess on the floor at the park “I pick it up please?”

“I cut a potatoe with mummys big scissors please?”

“I lick the dirty sand please?”

“I smack Levi please?”

“I chalk your sofa please?”

“I poke plug please?”

“I get in bin please?”

“I see my tinky please?”

“I show Levi my tinky please?”

“I draw on your pillows please?”

“I scratch your cheek please?”

“I be a naughty boy please?”

“I ruin your floor please”

As you can see, I had a very polite two year old, mixed in with a whole lot of rascal!


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