Kate Middleton how dare you be so beautiful

Kate Middleton, How Dare You Be So Beautiful!

The Royal Baby has arrived in the UK, and I’m guessing the majority of people (worldwide) have heard about it, read about it, or watched some related news regarding it. It’s big news whether you like it or not!

I’m not really a Royal fanatic, but I don’t dislike the Royals either. I can take them or leave them. BUT I’ve found myself feeling very protective about Kate Middleton, the future Queen, in the last 48 hours.

Hundreds of thousands of people have eagerly awaited the young girl going into labour with her second child. Will it be a boy? Will it be a girl? When will it be? The day finally came, and you can’t help but be a little bit happy for them. The TV and newspapers were filled with congratulations. A new baby, regardless of status, is always something to celebrate. Good news is hard to come by these days so it was a joyous occasion.

Kate Middleton looked effortlessly beautiful as she showed their new daughter to the rest of the world.

Their precious baby girl. It was a picture perfect moment. And a moment is all it was. People then decided to let the green eyed monster invade it.

The newspapers, the TV channels, the magazines, and social media all started questioning irrelevant details:

How does she look so beautiful so soon after giving birth?

Why doesn’t she look tired and worn out?

Why isn’t her hair greasy?

Who cares about the baby?

How is it possible to be standing their like that a few hours after labour?

And so on.

I’ve even read about surrogate conspiracy theories and even the birth date has been questioned.

Get a flaming grip will you people!!

The girl looked beautiful because she IS beautiful. All the make-up that Mac has to offer can’t fix ugly! Of course she had a make-up artist, but so what – wouldn’t you? I sure as heck would!

Of course she had a blow-dry – why not? I wash my hair and roll out the ‘good’ make-up just for family reading sessions at my son’s school and at his parents evening, let alone facing the whole world and being photographed by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Don’t hate on the girl for looking so good. Green doesn’t suit you! 😉

Why can’t we just say congratulations and well done, and leave it at that? People are allowed to look good, it isn’t a crime!

Who cares about the real birth date? Or how Kate managed to look so dam good? The fact remains that she looked beautiful, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Charlotte.

As the saying goes “Haterz gon’ hate!” – but we all know why!

Come on fellow mommas and daddas – let’s not be a part of all this pettiness. Credit where credits due – and she needs credit for looking so good! I sure as heck didn’t!!

Congratulations Kate and William!

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  1. Anca
    Anca says:

    Love your post. We all make (or should make anyway) efforts to look our best in less public situations, why should she have greasy hair and no makeup :))

  2. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    When I read the headline I was really worried this would be yet another slating, but I’m so pleased it wasn’t. This post is spot on. Thank you.

  3. Kassie
    Kassie says:

    I know I thought, “That’s not normal to look that good after having a baby!” BUT because I’m totally jealous that she looks that good! =)

  4. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks
    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks says:

    So true, some people aren’t happy unless they are picking someone to pieces.

    I was standing fairly straight about the same length of time after my emergency c section 2 weeks before Kate had Charlotte, so it can be done. I didn’t look that good though…. never mind! I’m sure she would have rather wore her pjs and slept when the baby slept!

  5. Jess Beer
    Jess Beer says:

    I feel exactly the same way! I love that she looked great, and why not? I’ve heard she had a fairly easy delivery. Besides, she probably went home and put on sweatpants, just like the rest of us. I see her as an inspiration!

  6. Jaclyn
    Jaclyn says:

    Haha I didn’t know that people were talking so much about her appearance! When you’re happy, healthy, and you have a pleasant birth experience (with the ability to rest afterwards), you’re able to glow. Once upon a time, that was the norm for everyone!


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