Schleich Wildlife New Forest Playsets

My five year old is a big lover of animals, and animal toys, so it goes without saying that he is a huge fan of Schleich products. I must admit, so am I, their quality always astounds me. Last week we discovered that Schleich had bought out a new range of play sets, so we thought we would road test one of them; The European Forest Dweller Play Set.

It consisted of a wild boar, a red deer, and a fox. They all live in the forests of Europe. My five year old loved them, and of course the animals ended up having a fight! Of course!

These animals have been subjected to an awful lot so far here with us; Show & Tell at school, Scooby Doo adventures, sandpit adventures, and have travelled a lot of places with us. They are definitely a big hit. These animals are aimed at 3-6 years and cost £13.99.

If the forest play set isn’t your kind of thing don’t fret, there are many more sets to choose from. They have three categories of play sets; Wild Life, Farm World, and Eldrador. The first two are pretty self explanatory really, but Eldrador…it’s dragons! (This set is aimed a little higher in age range at 5-8 year olds). Prices range from £9.99 through to £14.99.

If you haven’t given Schleich a try yet you most definitely should, you won’t be disappointed!

Scooby Doo Mystery Minis Range

We are huge fans of Scooby Doo here! Both of my boys love it. We watch it, we read it, we play it! We’ve even had a Scooby Doo themed party which I’m sure you saw in October last year over on my Instagram! We have a lot of Scooby Doo toys, one of our favourites is the Scooby Doo Mystery Of The Frighthouse Playset. It’s fab!

My boys love creating their own adventures, and the Scooby Doo Mystery Minis range has further added to their Scooby fun! There are some really cool monster-catching vehicles in this range, which come with a 2.5″ action figure included. There are three different ones to choose from; Monster Trawler, Monster Catcher, and Monster Motorbike (all including a figure). We have the Monster Catcher with Fred. These are £9.99 and well worth the purchase!

We had a lot of fun using it with the Fright House set we have!

We have lots of the 5″ figures, probably more than we should have, but we have a whole lot of love for Scooby Doo and friends (& villains),  so we were really excited when Scooby Doo Mystery Minis Figures came out. They sell them in packs of two for £4.99. My boys loved them! There are six different packs to collect and they include the Mystery Crew and a selection of villains.

We paired our Minis with our playset again, it kept them occupied for hours, and they actually shared!

There are so many great items within the Scooby Doo range from Character; stackable soft toys, goo pod figures, playsets, and so many more.  Go and have a look!

Scooby FTW here!



National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

This weekend we were extremely honoured to be invited to visit the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham to explore their Ancient Oceans event. We love the Sea Life Centre, and it never ceases to amaze us, so with the added lure of Dinosaur Detection it was a great day out.

The Ancient Oceans event is running until 21st February, and takes you back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the land, and fearsome creatures lurked in the depths of the bubbly blue. There are challenges to complete and secrets to discover which can be exchanged for a Dinosaur Detective certificate at the end, plus a Sea Life Centre medal. There are lots of different activities going on during the event, and you’re also given a timetable for the centre at the admissions desk.

One of our challenges was to keep a look out for seven bones as we made our way around the centre. We had a sheet with the bones on and a sheet of numbered stickers to add on once we discovered them on the  journey around. My two boys (three if I include my husband) loved this.


Our first port of call was the penguins. There is a big wall of frost and ice as you reach the penguins, and my boys love leaving their handprints on there, it’s a lovely way for the children to get a full-on sensory experience. The penguins always amaze my children, and being able to see them both on land and in the water is fascinating.


As you make your way around the centre there is always something to look at. The floor to ceiling fish tank is amazing, and always captivates my three year old. There is also a rock pool area where you can get hands on with some sea creatures. My boys are usually too anxious to touch any of the sea creatures, but this time they decided beforehand they were going to be brave and touch a starfish, and my 5yo carried out his plans, the 3yo ran a mile.


The coral cave also captured the attention of my children, it was so lovely being able to get so close to the fish, even this yellow fellow below!


The Sea Life Centre has really taken interaction on-board in it’s structure. A favourite part for us was the Starfish area, my boys loved this. It’s a fantastic way to get up close and personal with these sea creatures. There are pop up domes to stand under, tunnels to climb through, and portholes to look through. They really enjoyed this part.



The jelly fish are another part my boys loved. It’s great being able to get so close.


During the Ancient Oceans event there are activities in a small room by the otter enclosure.  My boys loved discovering dinosaur fossils, and as a reward they were given a real shark tooth! These teeth are now their pride and joy!


There are several fun interactive boards around the centre too, this one was a big hit with my 3yo!


The 360 degrees Oceanic Tunnel is amazing at the Sea Life Centre. It’s such a wonderful experience, and my children and I are always amazed. They always look out for the giant sea turtle too!


And, of course, at the end there is a mini soft play for the kiddies that always ends our trip well!

Up close with sea star at Sea Life Birmingham

Thanks for another great day out National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, we’ll definitely be back soon!

Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset Review

My boys love watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, and I must admit I am a little partial to it myself too. I love Nanny Plum! We have a few Ben and Holly figurines and playsets so we were thrilled to be sent the Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset recently to review.

The Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset includes a rocking Woodpecker, Ben Elf’s bedroom, the workshop with trap door, and also the elf toy factory.  The playset also comes with Barnaby Elf and some furniture.

Benn and Holly Elf Tree PlaysetBenn and Holly Elf Tree Playset

The trap door part of the workshop went down a treat with my little boys. They had great fun placing Barnaby Elf on the trap door and watching him fall down into the elf toy factory below. In the elf toy factory section there is also a conveyor belt where you can push the ducks along, this is a great addition to the playset that both of my boys enjoyed.

Ben and Holly Elf Tree PlaysetBen and Holly Elf Tree Playset

The rocking woodpecker created a lot of laughter in our house too, and my boys thoroughly enjoyed pretending to peck Barnaby’s furniture!

Ben and Holly Elf Tree PlaysetBen and Holly Elf Tree Playset

This playset retails at £29.99, and is recommended for 3 years plus.

We have really enjoyed testing out this Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset, and would highly recommend it!

Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train

We are big fans of Peppa Pig in this house, we have lots of figurines, and playsets so my boys were very excited to be sent the Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train to test out!


The Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train was a big hit with my boys who are aged 3 and 4. The carriages clip together very easily and really promote fine motor skills.

Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily TrainPeppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train

The Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train also includes a special edition Peppa Pig Weeble with a lovely heart design. Weebles are great fun, they are figures that wobble but never fall down! We have purchase a lot of Weebles over the last five years!

Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train

The Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train has a recommended age of 18 months plus, but as you have read my boys loved it at ages 3 and 4 too. The Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train retails at £17.99, and extra character Weebles retail at £4.99 each.

Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train is great fun and worth the investment, we will definitely be buying some more Weebles characters soon to ride the train with Peppa!

Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Train

Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till Review

My 3 year old and 4 year old absolutely love roleplay. They love playing shops and market stalls, so you can imagine how excited they were to try out this new Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till!

The Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till is perfect for pretend play. The till is functional and has a working calculator. There is also a role of till receipt that can be scrolled and teared. The till has a pretend microphone attatched and a pretend bar code scanner too.

The chip n pin machine attached to the till also works, and each card provided has its own pin number. You have to enter the correct pin number in order for the light to turn green. I think this is a great feature. It really helps with numbers, memory, and also fine motor skills. My 3 year old did get a little cross trying to enter the correct numbers, but my 4 year old loved being able to use his bank card to pay for his food.


The Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till also comes with both plastic and paper currency, 4 boxes of pretend food, and also 3 pretend tins of food.


This till is so much more than a toy! It really promotes cause-and-effect, and hand-eye co-ordination, and is such a fab way for kids to understand the process of shopping and paying for items.


We have really enjoyed testing out the Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till, and would highly recommend it to boys and girls aged 3 to 6.


Cloudbabies Review

My boys both love watching Cloudbabies, particularly my 3yo, so you can imagine their delight when we had some Cloudbabies goodies sent through the post. My 3yo received a Baba Yellow, and my 4yo received a Baba Blue Blankie.


Baba Yellow is a plush toy with a plastic dolls head and is for age 2+. Baba yellow retails from £6.99.


The Baba Blue Blankie is a soft toy with a very soft blanket attached. It retails from £9.99. This soft toy is great for my 4yo who has sensory issues. He loves soft textures, and finds them calming and comforting. He hasn’t put it down yet!


Cloudbabies have around 8 different toys in their range, and also several books that look fantastic too.


We love our Cloudbabies, and would highly recommend them!

Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Review

My boys love being creative, and they definitely love food, so being given the chance to review some of the new Yummy Nummies Kitchen Magic sets was perfect for them.

Yummy nummies is the brand new way to way to create miniature treats within the toy world of the UK. It’s based on a craze that began in Japan.

Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic sets are all about having fun and getting creative. They are by no means a meal substitute or part of your child’s nutritional requirements, and they are not intended to be. They are a fun, safe, creative activity, that help children use their imagination and creative skills. The world of miniature food is such a fascinating activity for your children to take part in, they will love it, mine did!

There are three different types of sets in the Yummy Nummies range; Dinner Delights (chicken nuggets, burger and fries, spaghetti and meatballs, pizzas), Bakery Treats (cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies), and Candy Shop (gummy goodies, chocolate bar maker).

Yummy Nummies prices start from £6.99 and are available at all leading retailers.

We tried out two of the sets; pizzas and cookies. They were so simple to make, and my children thoroughly enjoyed playing chef!


The Yummy Nummies pizzas were so easy to make. The instructions are very easy for children to follow. They come with disposable trays and utensils. There are also 3 packets of labelled ingredients.


You literally mix the pizza crust powder with the required amount of water, place it in the specified tray, and then you put it in the microwave. It really is that simple. You repeat the process for the sauce mix, and then sprinkle cheese onto your finished creation. It even comes with a great little mini pizza shovel to present your pizza on.


After the success of the pizzas, my boys couldn’t wait to try out the mini cookies. As with the pizzas, there were disposable utensils, trays, and a decorative paper storage pouch to keep your finished items in.


The instructions were very easy to follow, and were literally mix, place in the specified tray, sprinkle with chocolate chips, and then microwave. Quick, easy, and yummy!


My boys really enjoyed testing out the new Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic sets. We love getting creative, and this was a great way to do that. I’d highly recommend these sets if you are looking for a fun, easy activity for your children without lots of mess and hassle.


Go ahead, try Yummy Nummies yourselves! Mix, make, and enjoy!

Sea Life Centre Sea Stars Attraction

Recently, we were lucky enough to visit the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for the launch of their new Sea Stars attraction. We had so much fun!

Up close with sea star at Sea Life Birmingham

Before you reach the Sea Stars Attraction you pass an open rock pool with a few star fish in, I even stroked one! Although according to my two year old “Mummy touched the star fish bum bum!” Boys!!!

National sea life birmingham new sea stars

The Sea Stars Attraction is so lovely. They have peep-holes so you can have a real close look, my boys loved this! Some of the star fish were huge!

Red knobbed sea stars at sea life birmingham

My 2yo loved being able to get so close to the star fish, although he did try to recreate the scene from Finding Nemo with Darla and the fish tank – the photo above will give away which scene if you have ever watched it!

Sea Stars attraction at National Sea Life Birmingham

There is also a Giant Sea Star to have a look at. My boys were amazed by its size! There was also an interactive screen where you could adjust the speed of the star fishes movements, this was a big hit with my 4yo.

Sea Stars at National Sea Life Birmingham

The pop-up-bubbles were my favourite part of the Sea Stars attraction. They gave you such a great perspective of the star fish, and made you really feel part of the whole experience.

Aquarium with Sea Stars in Birmingham

Painting and stamping and sea life centre birmingham

We had such a fab day out, the Sea Stars were amazing, and were the highlight of our day, along with the penguins! There is so much to do at the Sea Life Centre; 4D cinema, stingrays, penguins, soft play, photo screens, otters, sharks, ocean walk-throughs, jelly fish, turtles, and even a creative zone which my boys loved!

The Sea Life Centre is an all-year-round, any weather place to visit!

Whitworths Review

My 4yo loves raisins, he would eat the whole bag if I let him, but they have to be good ones! None of these dry, tiny excuses of raisins, but the big juicy raisins. I have only ever found one brand live up to my 4yo’s expectations, and that is Whitworths. Whitworths raisins are delicious, and both my children agree.

We have been buying Whitworths raisins for quite a while now, and now, because of their high standards, nothing else compares! My 4yo would pick Whitworths raisins out of a line up any day! (So would I)

We tweeted Whitworths about the love in our household for their raisins and they kindly sent us a box of goodies to try out! My 4yo squealed with delight at the arrival of this little red box of delights!

Whitworths Snack Happy Day

We had apricots, raisins, strawberries, bananas, dates, mangoes, cranberries and some delicious breakfast packs for on the go. This was great for my children who can often be fussy with trying new things, but because it was in their special red box they were excited to give everything a go!

I would highly recommend all of the fruit bags from Whitworths, but the breakfast on the go packs were divine! The strawberry and banana one was out of this world, my 2yo stole it from me in the end!

Whitworths breakfast on the go packs are now a necessity on our shopping list!

Whitworths blogger snack box

Every morning, until the red box was emtpy, my 4yo would ask for porridge and then ask to choose a packet of fruit to sprinkle in it! It made breakfast so exciting for him, and also gave him 1 of his 5-a-day at the same time. It revolutionised breakfast time and fruit intake for him.

Whitworths Cranberries in porridge

He even wanted them sprinkled on his frosted flakes, and at snack time with his milk! Whitworths has become an irreplaceable brand in my little boys life!

Whitworths Raisins with Cereal

In our little red box of delight were also some of the Whitworths Shots. I told my 4yo these were for grown ups (naughty I know!). These Shots are out of this world, and are now a firm favourite of mine, especially the Fruity Biscuit Shot!

Whitworths Snacking on the go shots


Whitworths are a brand worth swapping to, and we would never go back to using any other brand. They are definitely worth the money.

Thank you Whitworths for revitalising breakfast and snack times for both myself, my husband and my children! And if you ever need any tasters in the future you know where to find us! We would recommend you to everyone!

So, if you haven’t tried Whitworths yet go and buy something from them today – you will not be disappointed!