The Works Christmas Shop

The Works Christmas Shop

Christmas is only a few weeks away! Can you even believe it? I’d like to say I have all of my gifts purchased and wrapped, but I don’t. I always long to be organised and have everything ready by early November, but it hasn’t happened yet and I’m not holding my breath that it ever will! I hardly have time to even wash my hair, let alone be christmas-organised. Who are these people who do? 😉

I’m constantly on the lookout though for great little gifts and stocking fillers. I love nothing more than filling stockings for my little rascals, and I love adding extra little gifts for family and friends. I have lots of places that I shop at for these fillers, but The Works is by far my favourite. Here is a little list of my 10 must-haves for filling stockings this Christmas from The Works Christmas Shop:

Christmas Book

1. The Night Before Christmas Book – We have a tradition in our house of a Christmas Eve Box. It contains pyjamas, a small cuddly toy, a hot chocolate sachet, a sweet treat, and a book to read on Christmas Eve bedtime. THIS book is perfect for that and only £2! If you’re looking for more books then there are some fabulous deals here like ten books for ten pounds!

Reindeer game

2. Reindeer Ring Toss – We all love a little bit of fun, and this is the perfect party game for over the festive period. You simply inflate, place on your head and then take it in turns to try and get the four rings on the antlers. It is currently on offer too!

Ginger bread house

3. Ginger Bread House Cookie Cutter Kit – We love making gingerbread houses in our home all year round so this is ideal for us. The kit includes all of the cutters you need to make your very own house and includes a fabulous gingerbread recipe to follow. It’s ideal for a little baker in the family.

Xmas jumper

4. Decorate Your Own Christmas Jumper Kit – This is ace! I think everyone in your family should receive one of these! You could make it into a competition maybe? The kit includes everything yu need to decorate a jumper, you just need to provide the jumper! This a great, cheap stocking filler that will add a little extra fun into Christmas this year.

Puzzle ball

5. Puzzle Ball – This is a great stocking filler. It’s a 3D spherical puzzle containing 21 different pieces. If you need to keep people occupied whist you cook the dinner then this is ideal!

EB Books

6. Enid Blyton For Grown Ups – This would make a great stocking filler some of the grownups in the family. This set is for three books. The titles include Five Go Gluten Free, Five Go On A Strategy Away Day , and Five Go Parenting. They are hardback books too.


7. DIY Elf and Santa Crackers – Now these are a winner! What a fab way to get everyone involved in laying the Christmas table. This kit makes 6 crackers.

Feet heaters

8. Animal Design Feet Heaters – Everybody likes to feel cosy, especially at Christmas time. These thermal socks are great way to get snuggled down. They come in ladies size 4 to 7 and you can choose from pigs, raccoons, polar bears, cows and mice.


9. Pocket Crossword – Need to please a crossword lover? Look no further! This is a fabulous price.


10. Fill A Stocking Kit – Here is one for those of you who don’t enjoy stocking filling or don’t have time to gather all of the items to fill it. This kit is great and includes a red plush stocking, festive pencils, festive erasers, chocolate coins, and a festive pen. You could even buy this kit and add a few more of your own purchases to it.

We hope you have a wonderful December filling all of your stockings!