Schwartz Shepherds Pie Recipe Mix

We love baking and cooking here! I think sweet treats may be a big favourite but savoury recipes are welcomed by my two boys too!

As home educators cooking and baking are a huge part of our lives, the kids love getting involved! It’s a life skill they’re definitely going to need unless of course they become millionaires and hire a chef, but a back up plan is good right?!

Schwartz kindly sent us a Shepherds Pie Recipe Mix recently for us to try out and review. It was SO easy to follow and the tastiest Shepherds pie I’ve eaten! Even my fussy 7yo enjoyed it!

The recipe mix was so simple to use with easy instructions and very few ingredients.

We set the oven to preheat on gas mark 6 and boiled potatoes for 15 minutes to get 675g of mash. We used 4 large potatoes but this will vary. You can never have too much mash though!

We added the recipe mix to 200ml of cold water, mixed well then set aside for later. We browned the minced lamb with 2 diced carrots and one onion.

After browning we drained away the excess liquid and added 100g of frozen peas and our 200ml of water and recipe mix, stirred well and bought it back to boil.

It smelt delicious! We transferred it to an ovenproof dish and added the mash on top. We smoothed it out with a spatula and then created a line pattern using a fork. This is not the tidiest part of the recipe!

We baked in the oven for 25 minutes. It came out golden with a crispy top! The meat had bubbled over creating a real homemade look.

I served it for dinner with brocolli and everybody thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ll definitely be trying our the other recipe mixes that Schwartz has on sale. I really enjoyed how simple yet tasty the recipe was! A big thumbs up from us!

Have you tried any of the recipe mixes? Which ones are your favourite?

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