How To Make The Home A Safe Place

How to Make the Home a Safe Place?

The surrounding atmosphere is a vital part of the human environment. Why does breathing come much more easily and freely in the forest? The answer is obvious – the air is clean! The quality of the body’s life is largely determined by the type of air we breathe. Moreover, without oxygen, in certain proportions contained in the air, cellular energy exchange of the body is impossible. Clean air is much more necessary for people than even water or food. Despite its great importance to humans, it is the air environment that is exposed to increasing pollution during economic activity.

What Are the Main Sources of Indoor Air Pollution?

Furniture, building and decoration materials, and household chemicals are serious sources of indoor air pollution. Many of the substances released from furniture and building materials are very toxic and are carcinogens. At the same time, it is not at all easy to determine an environmentally friendly material and such materials are more likely an exception than the norm.

In addition to chemical air pollution, bacteriological pollution also occurs. In one cubic meter of air surrounding us more than 1000 units of bacteria are contained. However, not all bacteria in the air are harmful to health.

When it comes to indoor pollution, you should check every corner for the presence of mold and mildew, including the bottom side of your carpets. If you have tried to perform carpet cleaning service yourself, and you haven’t dried the carpet well before placing it again on the floor in the living room, then you may sense bad odor from your carpet.

What to do to make your home safe and breathe clean air?

Here are some useful tips:

  • Regular ventilation. Try to make it a rule to ventilate the room daily. It is enough to leave the window open so that the air temperature inside drops by 1-2 degrees. It is best to do this late in the evening or early in the morning with minimal traffic on adjacent streets.
  • Installation of an air purification system. When carrying out repairs, install a ventilation system with a filter or use home air filters. It is best to install filters on those substances that pollute the air most in your situation.
  • Degassing. From time to time, clean air from harmful substances in the room by spraying aerosol sorbents. Alternatively, use certain home plants in the right amount.
  • Air disinfection using ultraviolet radiation. If for one reason or another (decreased immunity, recovery after surgery or illness), the requirements for sanitary conditions have increased, install bacteriological irradiators that will destroy almost all the microbes and viruses known today. The effectiveness of air disinfection using such installations reaches 99.9%.
  • Turn to professionals. Consult a specialist at the stage of choosing housing, building materials or furniture. A professional will help to make your home safe at the first stage and will tell you specific ways to maintain clean air in the future. If the house is already furnished, and health is deteriorating, it is better to invite a laboratory to analyze the air and determine the source of pollution. However, it should be borne in mind that treatment is always more complicated and more expensive than prevention.
  • Use professional carpet cleaning services once or twice a year. For improving the air quality inside your home, you should make sure that the carpets inside the house are clean. They collect great amount of dust and are one of the favorite places for harmful bacteria to grow. As we mentioned above, the bottom side of your carpets may be covered in mold, so you must be very careful how you maintain the condition of your carpeted floorings. If carpets are dirty, or if they are covered in mold, then for sure it will be difficult for you to breath easily in that room.
  • By turning to Prolux Cleaning experts, you can stay calm your home is protected with quality carpet cleaning services. In their work, Prolux cleaners are applying only eco-friendly cleaning products that are odorless. They will leave your carpets completely clean, safe and fresh in order to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

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