Driven To Distraction

Car journeys with kids are one of the most stressful times of any day. My two can’t even breath in the direction of each other without it causing serious chaos in the back seats! Siblings are just divine! The engine doesn’t even need to be switched on for the stress to begin. Making sure their buckled in correctly, they have a drink, the first aid kits packed and road side assistance is up to date are ALL done before the engine even begins! Sat navs are plugged in and placed in holders and your journey is calculated. Imagine if it had a stress-o-meter on it too? Mine would blow up!

Joking aside though, you see so many people still using their phones whilst driving despite the hefty fines and consequences!

Kwik Fit did a recent survey and found that 19% of the surveyed drivers admitted that they sometimes take calls while driving, 17% admit that they read texts off of their phone, and 12% send texts. All of these reasons (including using your sat nav) can result in a big penalty if the police pull you over and find that it was distracting you. Not only this, this time difference could be the deciding factor between a driver crashing or not. 

Have a go on the Kwik Fit game to test your distraction levels and responses!

It’s so important to avoid distractions, unfortunately kids don’t count, but phones do! Just don’t handle your phone whilst your engine is on. Your life literally does depend on it!

Fill the back seats with snacks, books, technology, anything too see you through the journey. My kids ate serious car snickers and it’s been a real saviour! Lunch boxes of food and water are the winning conditions here!

So on your next trip, plan ahead and stay off the phone!

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