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Making Bath Time Easier

If you have children you’ll be familiar with the scrumptious memories of the first few bath times your baby had. They look so delicate and it is one of the most petrifying things you’ll do as a first time parent. to hold this little bundle in water is scary! They smell divine and look so cuddly after they’ve had a bath don’t they?! And then they get a bit older and bath time becomes wetter and more rowdy, and then they grow up a bit more and bath time becomes a chaotic occasion! Anybody else? I hope it’s not just me!

Bath time in our house has gone from angelic babies and serenity to monstrous creatures who flood my house, and I am not exaggerating. My boys love bath time, however, they cannot listen to instructions during bath time. My floor gets soaked, my windows get washed, my tiles are bubble ridden, flannels are flung, water is thrown, water is consumed, people pee in the water, and general chaos reins. UNLESS they are distracted with bath toys, and then only mild chaos occurs.

Would you like to make bath time easier? Well I think the realistic answer is YOU CANT! Not in my house anyway, but I can make my bathroom easier to manage. furniture, floors and storage are much more easier to manage than two little people! Waterproof flooring, and a very good absorbent bath mat are a must! High shelves keeping things out of reach will also be very appreciated by yourselves once those wondering hands start trying to wash everything in sight! And finding the right storage is essential for toothbrushes, toiletries, toilet rolls, cleaners, towels, and most importantly for bath toys, storage that drains the excess water away to stop them going funky. Baskets with holes in are ideal if you’re not the DIY or upcycle type to create your own. My boys love taking toys in the bath, but we have had to throw so many away because they haven’t dried properly, but I have found an amazing idea below if you fancy a little DIY project over the christmas break, and it looks amazing! I may be brave enough to give it a go myself, have a look and see if you are!