Your Guide To Our Top 4 Freebie Sites

Everyone loves getting something for nothing right?! I sure do, anything from a simple piece of biscuit on a taste trial in Tesco to random items through the post. I do find though that a lot of people hesitate to use online sites for freebies, figuring that there is too much hassle involved in getting started, and sometimes they are right. Other people get fed up with all the junk mail that these sites generate, in fact, does is there anybody that actually likes getting constant junk mail?

A lot of freebie sites say you have to register – also you will have to provide your address so that the freebies can be sent out to you, but what is the best way to provide the required information without signing up to a heap of junk mail or giving away too much private information? Using technology the right way an finding the right site is the secret to success.

These sites listed below are great for freebies that are actually useful, and the sites are pretty hassle free. The freebies range in use from household goods, free magazines to birthday presents. Who wouldn’t love those?!

WOW FreeStuff An easy to use site, WOW Free Stuff has over 600 freebies on offer. Five or six new ones are added every day so you will always be able to check out something new. The majority of the freebies in this site are samples, so you can get your hands on toys, eco-friendly products, shampoo and even chocolate. Toiletry samples are great, especially if you plan to travel or take a vacation somewhere in the near future. The site also has a hints and tips section which is great for understanding how to make the most of freebie offers (like setting up a second email address). They also have an app that you can sign in to that lets you check out the latest freebies wherever you happen to be.

Gumtree Gumtree Freebies is a lot like Freecycle, members who have items they want to get rid of can upload them for viewing. Do expect to trawl through a lot of rubbish first (in saying that what one person calls junk, another person may call treasure) but don’t give up too easily, if you keep searching you will see that there are some good items out there. In fact, within one day we saw a dishwasher, a trampoline and a vintage typewriter. You can be as specific as you like when it comes to location for pick up, however being too fussy might mean you miss out on a great offer. Keep an eye on the site regularly as items move fast. However, if you are after something specific you can list a ‘wanted advert’. Who knows, you might just receive contact from someone with the exact item.

Hot UK Deals Discount vouchers, competitions and freebies; Hot UK Deals has got them all! This site was set up in 2004, registration is free and anyone can sign up. You will find fun competitions, the latest top 10 hottest deals as well as deals on specific products. Hot UK Deals is definitely worth checking out. They also have a fab Facebook page if you search for them too.

P & G Everyday Think of some of the UK’s favourite brands; Bounty, Crest, Pantene. Proctor and Gamble manufacturers have them! P & G Everyday provides coupons for download and free samples for posting. You will also find informative articles and product reviews if you google them.

Do you have any go-to freebie sites? I’d love to hear what they are!