Kid Zinger Review

My two boys love fresh fruit juices, smooth ones of course because they’re fussy like that! They are limited to 150ml of this a day though. They also drink sugar free cordial and also have 150ml minimum of milk each day. After 6pm in our house there is a water-only rule. Sometimes this rule is fine and other times it is not! My boys enjoy water, but prefer something flavoursome, as do most children, so water is never the first choice.

I’m very aware of their sugar intake, and also very aware about their nutrient intake. I make sure they get all the fibre, protein, calcium, and vitamin D they need. I have a carefully thought out weekly meal planner for them, and am more than conscious of ensuring their fruit and Vegetable intake is more than they need. Most days they eat what is given to them, other days they point blank refuse my snacks, meals, and drinks, and act like I am trying to poison them! How dare I offer my four year old a dried apricot?!

I am always looking at new and fun ways to incorporate fruit and vegetables into their daily routines.

Recently I found something that fits the fun criteria and also increases their water intake too, which is so important for their little bodies to function properly and be on top form to destroy mommas house (and sanity!).

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Swords and Snoodles household: The Kid Zinger! This beautiful little cup is not only fun in it’s appearance, but also such a clever design too! The Kid Zinger is an amazing child friendly water bottle that allows you to infuse your water with citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes! It has a built in citrus press. The best part is that it is so easy to use that your kids can actually infuse their own water with minimal supervision!

Kid Zinger in use

All you need to do is cut your chosen fruit in half, and then you literally turn the bottle upside down and unscrew the bottom cup. You then twist half of your citrus fruit into the citrus press. Screw the bottom cup back on and fill the bottle with water. All of he fruit’s pulp, rind, and seeds are contained at the bottom, and help infuse more flavour.

Kid Zinger

The Kid Zinger has an easy flip up straw too which my boys were excited about using. It even comes with a few stickers for your child to customise their own Kid Zinger bottle.

It is very easy to clean, and even dishwasher safe, which is an added bonus to anything your kids use! It’s a shame kids aren’t dishwasher safe too (joke!)

Kid Zinger review

I’d highly recommend trying the Kid Zinger, your kids will love it. It’s so easy to carry around too, and you could even add ice in the bottom for those longer journeys or for the summer time! We love the Kid Zinger in our house!