Kitchen Essentials For Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us, how did this even happen? The year has flown by! I have barely started Christmas shopping let alone make a list for the food we need to buy. Have you?

During Christmas the family home is usually the focal point, we decorate, we tidy, we make sure it feels cosy and inviting, and we prepare our kitchens ready for battle. The battle of preparing and serving Christmas food! But is your kitchen ready?

Here is my list of major kitchen essentials to ensure a fun, festive, and relatively sane christmas time:

  • Coffee Machine – We use a Tassimo machine here, and it is one of our favourite purchases that didn’t break the bank. It will be a hit with your guests over Christmas time.
  • Slow Cooker – I would not be without my slow cooker! It provides me with an easy option for dinner, especially during winter months. It has made life with two children much easier (at meal times at least). We love a good beef casserole!
  • Bread Maker – This is on my Christmas wish list this year! The smell of freshly baked bread is something I adore, and this year we are taking the plunge to get one! There are so many recipes out there. Here’s some bread machine recipes by Panasonic that we will definitely be trying out in the new year!
  • Measuring Spoons – If you like to adventure into baking then these are a must have and make life so much easier.
  • Digital Weighing Scales – These are so much easier to store than your conventional ones, and I think they are a lot more efficient.
  • Containers – For all of those leftovers!!

These are not a recipe for a happy Christmas, but they will certainly make it more enjoyable!

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