Everyday Style (One For the Men For Once!)

I don’t really tend to write a lot about fashion despite being a huge fan of it, maybe because I have my own everyday style and don’t tend to follow whims. I mean, I love Barbie, and unicorns, and diamonds, and cardigans, and boots, and flip flops, and scrunchy socks, and long line tees, and scarves. Scarves are my one true love, I wear them 99% of the time rain or shine, I have so many; thick ones, woollen ones, long ones, snoods, bright colours, dull ones, cotton ones, silk ones, you name it and I have no doubt got it in my scarf box. I think they’re my signature, and also my comforter, I feel secure when I have a scarf! I love jewellery too, my jewellery drawer is the width of my huge wardrobe, and is full. I love statement earrings and rings, and unique, statement necklaces, I just love jewellery. I think I’m a tad obsessed with accessories if I’m totally honest and I’m sure my husband would agree!

My husband on the other hand, is not really into accessories despite me trying to change him! Ha ha, he’ll be shaking his head right about now when he is reading this! He is a jeans, hoodie, tee, smart-casual kinda guy, and I love him for that. I also love him for letting me, often choose his clothes, usually with 100% success rate, except for the one time I purchased him a silver-glittery shirt called ‘Party Boy’ on the label, and he downright refused to even try it on, I am still adamant it would have looked good though!

There are so many books, and sites, and articles and apps for womens fashion but the mens market is somewhat quieter I think. I’m not sure why? Maybe women are programmed to be more bothered about fashion? Or more vocal? Or maybe it makes better readership? Maybe the male market is smaller? I’m not sure, but whatever the reason I think mens fashion needs to be shouted a little louder, in fact a lot louder, so here is my voice shouting about mens fashion, well, kind of!

Even if you’re not a big fashion follower, there are always a few staple items that will see you looking effortlessly on trend, I love timeless items. I think jeans are one of these timeless items, often the cut will be a particular style that given season, but I think a pair of dark denim trousers will always be a good staple item to invest in for a man. Chums is a great site for mens trouser wear, and this denim pair in particular are a great staple buy from £30.

Chums Jeans Jeans 2 Jeans 3 Jeans 4

I love chinos too, I’m not sure why, but I do, especially for those warmer days. Chinos and a nice fitted tee with some on trend plimsolls do wonders for my soul! Love these shoes from Chum and a great price too at £25:


I think a few staple tee’s should be in a mans wardrobe too, plain colours, and nice fitting. These tees from H&M are a good buy, and look fab layered up too, they have so many colours to choose from and they start at £3.99, which is a great price!

t shirt h and m

I am a huge fan of belts too, particularly brown ones, I think brown really breaks up an outfit and adds a real personal touch. This belt from River Island is a fabulous buy that can be paired with any outfit.

belt RI

I think gilets are a great investment for men too, and luckily my husband loves them! This is a particular favourite of mine, I love grey and yellow at the moment, and think the colour combo is fabulous.


Style does not have to be in-keeping with the latest fads and whims, I think style is personal to yourself, and a few staple items can make style timeless. It’s about finding what suits you best an buying a few key pieces to pair with other things. Everyday style is about finding the right staple pieces for your wardrobes.

Go an treat yourself today to a few staple items, happy shopping folks! (Or treat your other half maybe?)





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