Raincoats and Wellies from Wellies & Worms – Review

My two boys love the outdoors. Weather never puts them off. They love splashing in water parks on hot, sunny days, and they love puddle jumping on rainy days. My two year old has a puddle addiction, it’s like he is magnetised to them!

During the winter my boys wear all-in-one waterproofs and snow boots or wellies, and then as spring arrives they wear raincoats and wellies.

I love raincoats. I think they’re so adorable and trendy for kids. My boys love having new raincoats so when Wellies and Worms offered them new Hatley raincoats and wellies to match they were thrilled, and so was I. Wellies and Worms have such a great selection of raincoats and wellies to choose from!

Hatley Raincoats and Wellies

My two year old ‘needed’ the green dinosaur raincoat and wellies, and my four year old wanted the Skull and Crossbones raincoat and wellies.

Hatley raincoats from Wellies and Worms

We ordered age appropriate raincoats and they fit lovely when they arrived. There was room to spare so it was no problem wearing a snood with them on cooler days. They were made of such fab material too and felt lovely quality. The wellies also fit great. Over the years we have tested out so many brands of wellies, and can honestly say nothing has ever fit as good as the Hatley wellies. They were so sturdy!

The raincoats and wellies were fab for a whole range of activities, they were durable, comfortable, and versatile. My boys went for walks in them, they hunted bugs, they went on a fairy hunt, they used a big adventure playground, they visited a farm, and most importantly they used their raincoats and wellies to test out some very big muddy puddles!

Hatley boys skulls raincoat and wellies

The raincoats were very warm and definitely waterproof. They didn’t let through any wind either. They had a built in hood and had popper fastenings. This made it very easy for my 4yo to fasten his own coat. The raincoats are made from a polyurethane outer coating which is machine washable, it also wipes clean extremely well. This is always a plus with my messy 2yo!

Hatley infant dinos raincoat and wellies

The wellies were just as great. They were easy to get onto my children’s feet and looked easy for them to walk in. They had two pull-up handles on which were a big help. They were sturdy yet not restrictive in any way, even when climbing rope bridges! They also had a cotton lining which helped keep little toes warm.

My boys had so much fun wearing their raincoats and wellies. We’d definitely recommend them. Not only do the raincoats and wellies look fabulous, they also do their job!

Try out Hatley raincoats and wellies for yourself

Fancy trying them out? Head over to their website and enter our special code SWORDS10 between 18th & 22nd March 2015 to receive 10% off your order! Postage is free for UK orders over £25, otherwise it costs just £2. International shipping is also available on their site!

Thanks again Wellies and Worms! We loved our Hatley raincoats and wellies!

Kid Zinger Review

My two boys love fresh fruit juices, smooth ones of course because they’re fussy like that! They are limited to 150ml of this a day though. They also drink sugar free cordial and also have 150ml minimum of milk each day. After 6pm in our house there is a water-only rule. Sometimes this rule is fine and other times it is not! My boys enjoy water, but prefer something flavoursome, as do most children, so water is never the first choice.

I’m very aware of their sugar intake, and also very aware about their nutrient intake. I make sure they get all the fibre, protein, calcium, and vitamin D they need. I have a carefully thought out weekly meal planner for them, and am more than conscious of ensuring their fruit and Vegetable intake is more than they need. Most days they eat what is given to them, other days they point blank refuse my snacks, meals, and drinks, and act like I am trying to poison them! How dare I offer my four year old a dried apricot?!

I am always looking at new and fun ways to incorporate fruit and vegetables into their daily routines.

Recently I found something that fits the fun criteria and also increases their water intake too, which is so important for their little bodies to function properly and be on top form to destroy mommas house (and sanity!).

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Swords and Snoodles household: The Kid Zinger! This beautiful little cup is not only fun in it’s appearance, but also such a clever design too! The Kid Zinger is an amazing child friendly water bottle that allows you to infuse your water with citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes! It has a built in citrus press. The best part is that it is so easy to use that your kids can actually infuse their own water with minimal supervision!

Kid Zinger in use

All you need to do is cut your chosen fruit in half, and then you literally turn the bottle upside down and unscrew the bottom cup. You then twist half of your citrus fruit into the citrus press. Screw the bottom cup back on and fill the bottle with water. All of he fruit’s pulp, rind, and seeds are contained at the bottom, and help infuse more flavour.

Kid Zinger

The Kid Zinger has an easy flip up straw too which my boys were excited about using. It even comes with a few stickers for your child to customise their own Kid Zinger bottle.

It is very easy to clean, and even dishwasher safe, which is an added bonus to anything your kids use! It’s a shame kids aren’t dishwasher safe too (joke!)

Kid Zinger review

I’d highly recommend trying the Kid Zinger, your kids will love it. It’s so easy to carry around too, and you could even add ice in the bottom for those longer journeys or for the summer time! We love the Kid Zinger in our house!

Whitworths Review

My 4yo loves raisins, he would eat the whole bag if I let him, but they have to be good ones! None of these dry, tiny excuses of raisins, but the big juicy raisins. I have only ever found one brand live up to my 4yo’s expectations, and that is Whitworths. Whitworths raisins are delicious, and both my children agree.

We have been buying Whitworths raisins for quite a while now, and now, because of their high standards, nothing else compares! My 4yo would pick Whitworths raisins out of a line up any day! (So would I)

We tweeted Whitworths about the love in our household for their raisins and they kindly sent us a box of goodies to try out! My 4yo squealed with delight at the arrival of this little red box of delights!

Whitworths Snack Happy Day

We had apricots, raisins, strawberries, bananas, dates, mangoes, cranberries and some delicious breakfast packs for on the go. This was great for my children who can often be fussy with trying new things, but because it was in their special red box they were excited to give everything a go!

I would highly recommend all of the fruit bags from Whitworths, but the breakfast on the go packs were divine! The strawberry and banana one was out of this world, my 2yo stole it from me in the end!

Whitworths breakfast on the go packs are now a necessity on our shopping list!

Whitworths blogger snack box

Every morning, until the red box was emtpy, my 4yo would ask for porridge and then ask to choose a packet of fruit to sprinkle in it! It made breakfast so exciting for him, and also gave him 1 of his 5-a-day at the same time. It revolutionised breakfast time and fruit intake for him.

Whitworths Cranberries in porridge

He even wanted them sprinkled on his frosted flakes, and at snack time with his milk! Whitworths has become an irreplaceable brand in my little boys life!

Whitworths Raisins with Cereal

In our little red box of delight were also some of the Whitworths Shots. I told my 4yo these were for grown ups (naughty I know!). These Shots are out of this world, and are now a firm favourite of mine, especially the Fruity Biscuit Shot!

Whitworths Snacking on the go shots


Whitworths are a brand worth swapping to, and we would never go back to using any other brand. They are definitely worth the money.

Thank you Whitworths for revitalising breakfast and snack times for both myself, my husband and my children! And if you ever need any tasters in the future you know where to find us! We would recommend you to everyone!

So, if you haven’t tried Whitworths yet go and buy something from them today – you will not be disappointed!