Broadband And Me

Can you even remember life before the internet?

I remember my first ever PC with internet access, good old dial-up. I used to love that dial tone. The house phone line would be off the whole time you were connected and you literally paid by the minute. I remember my mother moaning at me because she wanted to call somebody but couldn’t!

The internet has opened up a whole new world to us, both good and bad, but we’ll focus on the good here.

It’s given us access to family and friends, it’s given us business opportunities  it’s given us advice, it’s given people friends. It has literally saved people’s lives.

I can’t imagine going back to dial-up now, can you? Or the landline being busy whilst the internet was on?

We have several devices hooked up to our broadband, 10 in total! And although not the most important thing in life, a good broadband is something that’s important for a lot of us, and for so many different reasons. It may have heightened your social life, or enabled you to build up a client base for your business.

I think the modern internet has totally revolutionised today’s business world. We have access to people, information, and even sales figures right at the end of our fingertips. It helps businesses to grow and branch into a worldwide domain. It connects people and companies.

I think having a good broadband provider is so important. Take a look here if your business needs some more help with yours


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